Alexa integration for Aegis has been released

Dear Bosma users,

The Bosma Aegis Door Lock is now officially certified to work with Alexa. You can follow the steps below to add Aegis on Alexa.

To use Aegis on Alexa, you would need to enable the BOSMA skill and link your Bosma account with Alexa.

  1. Make sure that you have set up Aegis on your Bosma account, and you have updated the firmware to the latest version ( or above). Additionally, make sure that your Aegis has internet access (How do I connect Aegis to the internet?).
  3. Open the Amazon Alexa app's home page, and tap the menu button at the right side of the navigation bar.
  4. Select "Skills & Games".
  5. Tap the "Search" button at the top right corner and enter "BOSMA" to search.
  6. You should now see the "BOSMA" skill in the search results. Tap to enter the skill details page.
  7. Tap "ENABLE TO USE".
  8. Enter your BOSMA account information, and tap "Login".
  9. You should see a success message. Then you can say "Alexa, discover devices" to discover Aegis.

Alexa & Bosma setup is now completed. You can use voice commands to control and manage your Bosma devices now.

You can then lock or unlocked your Aegis door lock from the Alexa app. You can also use Alexa voice commands to control your Aegis lock. Here is a list of available commands (assuming the name of your Aegis lock is “Front Door”):

  • Alexa, lock the Front Door.
  • Alexa, unlock the Front Door.
  • Alexa, is the Front Door unlocked?

Note: It is recommended that you use simple names for your Aegis locks (e.g. “Front Door”) so the voice command can be easily recognized by Alexa.

We will continue working on adding more features and integrating with more platforms for our existing products.

Best Regards,
The BOSMA Team

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