IFTTT integration for Aegis has been released

Dear Bosma users,

The Bosma Aegis Smart Door Lock can now work with IFTTT. You can follow the steps below to add the Bosma service on IFTTT:

  1. Make sure that you have set up Aegis on your Bosma account, and you have updated the firmware to the latest version ( or above). Additionally, make sure that your Aegis has internet access (How do I connect Aegis to the internet?).
  2. Download the IFTTT app from Google Play or App Store, and log in with your IFTTT account.
  3. Open the IFTTT app, and tap the "Explore" button at the bottom.
  4. Search for and select "Bosma"
  5. On the next page, tap "Connect" to link your IFTTT  and Bosma accounts.
  6. You should then be redirected to a page that asks for your login information. Log in with your Bosma account.
  7. After you have successfully linked your Bosma account with IFTTT, you will be redirected back to the IFTTT app. 

You can then create new Applets or use one of our existing Applets to control your Aegis lock. For example, you can create an Applet to lock/unlock Aegis with a press on the Button widget. Here is a list of available actions for Aegis:

  • Unlock the Aegis Smart Lock
  • Lock the Aegis Smart Lock

We will continue working on adding more triggers and actions, and integrating with more platforms for our existing products.

Best Regards,
The BOSMA Team

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