Applications For Home Security Cameras

At Bosma, we take security seriously and offer a wide variety of home security devices to meet all of your needs, regardless of who, what, or where you are protecting. Of course, security cameras and the industry of home security was born in reaction to home invasions and the desire to protect personal property and offer peace of mind for people worldwide. However, there are many practical uses for security cameras in addition to capturing evidence. Join us as we explore some other applications for security cameras.

Prevent and Detect Home Invasion/ Burglary

The primary reason that people invest in security cameras is to prevent and detect security violations on their property. Many times, even having a home security system is enough to thwart criminal activity. For instance, porch pirates (package thieves) often check for video doorbells that may capture their misdeeds. For those criminals who don’t notice or choose to ignore security cameras, homeowners who have them installed can capture the evidence of an attempted or completed break-in, but more importantly will be notified immediately so they can get out of harm’s way and notify authorities. Bosma security cameras take it one step further by including a siren in most of our cameras.


Emergency or Disaster Monitoring

Nothing is more terrifying than experiencing a powerful natural disaster and feeling helpless in the wake. Add in the anxiety of evacuating or being away from your home and family when it happens, and the state of panic is exacerbated. When a powerful earthquake strikes while you’re away, you can check in on your home, pets, and family, which can offer you immediate relief or allow you to monitor the situation while you enlist help. Check in on the situation from a safe distance when there is a fire, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, flash flood, or any other unexpected disaster.


Pet Monitor

Whether you are the proud new parent of a puppy or you’ve got a mature dog you need to keep an eye on, or you simply like to check in and see what your curious cats are up to while you’re at work all day, your Bosma security cameras allow you to do just that. Pair with window and door sensors to safely use a pet door — you’ll get notified when your pet goes in and out, and you can make sure it is just your pet that uses it! The best part is, when you use Bosma security cameras, you can use the real two-way talk feature to say hello or reprimand your naughty pet.


House Sitting

Use your security cameras to do the housesitting for you, or keep an eye on the person you hire to water the plants and feed the pets. While on vacation, you’ll be alerted of entry and movement in your home, and can watch live or recorded footage of activities within your home at any time. If there is an emergency or attempted break-in, you can alert the authorities from wherever you are.


Nanny Cam

Your children are easily what you want to protect the most. Many working parents spend most of their day at work worrying about their children. With the help of Bosma security cameras, you don’t have to wonder anymore! You can use the cameras as nanny cams to monitor how your nanny is treating your children, and the mere presence of the camera will encourage them to treat your children better and thwart any thoughts of internal theft. Even if you fully trust your nanny, you can use the camera to peek in on your family and use the real two-way talk feature to answer your nanny’s questions or tell your little ones that you love them.


Senior Assistance/ Remote Alert

Whether your elderly family members live with you or at their own home, the Bosma security cameras and accessories offer extra protection for those at the most risk. Install security cameras that allow you to check in on them periodically and use the real two-way talk feature to check in without picking up the phone. For those at risk of falls, you can use the Bosma Smart Button as an emergency alert button that you can install at various places within the home or can be carried by your loved one. Install more security cameras that are triggered by movement and window and door sensors to keep those who suffer from dementia or who wander safe. Add in the Sentry doorbell and Aegis smart deadbolt to monitor who visits and allow remote entry for home health visitors or in the event of an emergency. Keep those who are most important to you safe even when you can’t be around all the time!


Allow Remote Access

Whether you aren’t home or you are in your home and unable to get to the front door, the Aegis smart deadbolt allows you to grant remote access, which affords you additional safety — in addition to convenience! Never leave a key hidden outside or hand it over to a neighbor for emergencies when you can control the lock all from your connected smartphone. When you pair the Aegis lock with the Sentry smart doorbell, you’ll always know who’s at your front door and verify package delivery. Add family members and friends to your profile and use the real two-way talk feature to say hello or sound the siren to scare off would-be criminals.


Apartment/Dorm Safety

When you live in an apartment or a college dorm, it comes along with the convenience of maintenance and the reduced cost of not owning. However, it comes with the knowledge that it is not your place, and someone else has the master key to your front door. Most of the time, there is no issue with this arrangement, but the threat always exists that someone can abuse the responsibility. You can use the Sentry video doorbell or Bosma smart button as a doorbell and internal security cameras to keep tabs on who comes and goes. By installing the Aegis smart deadbolt (where allowed) and window and door sensors, you’ll be notified of movement and entry into your living space. Because Bosma security products don’t require hardwiring into the home’s electrical system or walls, and they can be taken with you when you move; you can easily use it in any apartment, dorm, or rented room.


Keep Tabs on Roommates

We all like to trust those we live with, but it is never a bad idea to add an extra layer of security with a camera or two. Whether you use the security camera to monitor your own space or to ensure you are notified of when your room is entered, you can access video footage from within your home or from anywhere you are. 

Whatever you use your security cameras for, rest assured that with Bosma, you’ve got total control on your connected smart device. With the variety of products that can monitor and protect every inch and entry point of your home, the applications are limitless! Browse our products online to discover which options are best for you.

More Than Just Security!


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