Bosma Smart + Amazon Alexa

Smart home security controlled with your voice. 

Bosma Assist is the perfect compliment to Bosma home security products. The Bosma Assist subscription service offers advanced features on some of the Bosma devices. Packages include cloud storage, package detection, facial recognition, and more!Controlling your Bosma security cameras has never been easier! With hands-free and remote commands, you can control your Bosma smart home security devices quickly, with just the sound of your voice. Our products are integrated with Amazon Alexa voice assistant for enhanced security. Works with all Bosma smart security cameras.  

“Alexa, ask Bosma Smart to take a snapshot of the living room.”

“Alexa, ask Bosma Smart to sound the siren in the dining room.”

“Alexa, ask Bosma Smart to rotate the camera in the kitchen.”

“Alexa, ask Bosma Smart to turn on the color night vision in the nursery.”

How to Use Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant with Bosma Security Cameras

  1. Install both your Bosma security devices and Amazon Alexa using their individual instructions. 
  2. In the Alexa app, enable the “Bosma Smart” feature.
  3. Name your Bosma devices with their location — “nursery,” “living room,” “back door,” etc.
  4. Use commands to voice control the devices.

Benefits of Pairing Bosma Security Products with Voice Assistants

  • Hands-Free Control
  • Use Bosma Devices if Connected Device is Dead or Lost
  • Ask For Help When You Need It Most
  • Use Locally or Remotely

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