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Bosma App 2.0 Update

The current BOSMA app was originally designed and developed in 2018. As we grew and our product line expanded over the past years, it became more and more apparent that the original app architecture cannot support the expansion of products and features much longer, and the design just doesn’t quite match the presentation of our products.

So, we decided to rebuild it from the ground up, using the latest technology and giving it a new look and feel. The new app 2.0 also features many user experience improvements, including better multi-language support, faster video & audio decoding, more in-app instructions, more device control features, and so on.

We are always committed to offering you the best product experience, and we will continue improving our products and services. We hope that you have a better “BOSMA” experience with the new app 2.0.

Dark Theme

We redesigned the app to use a dark theme so that it matches our products’ color. We have also improve the user interface to have a modern look and feel.


Easily switch to any of the following 9 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Russian.

New Features

Screen Recording



Online/Offline Status

Door-breaking Sensitivity

And more...


A New Experience

A Smarter, Simpler, Safer Home