Bosma Home Security For
Families With Children

In one of our previous posts, we discussed how Bosma security products help keep those you love safe at home, with a particular interest in vulnerable populations. One of the most vulnerable populations are children, especially babies and toddlers. While welcoming home a new bundle of joy is a time for jubilation and celebration, for many parents it is a time overwhelmed with fear and worry. At Bosma, we want to help parents rest easier and keep children safe. 

The home is full of hazards and dangers for curious toddlers and rebellious teens alike. From safe sleep newborn techniques to preventing home invasion and fire, to all the daily hazards, keeping your children safe is a full-time job! Luckily, Bosma is here to help! As a parent, you have so much to think and worry about, we want to help take some of the safety and protection measures off your plate.   

In today’s post, we will review some of the challenges parents face keeping children of all ages safe at home, and what Bosma is doing to help. At Bosma, our goal is to offer peace of mind to parents and families no matter where they are. With our home security products, you can keep an eye on who matters most, from wherever you are.

Safety Hazards in the Home

Keeping children safe in the home will vary based on how old the child is and who they share their home with. If you have multiple children, you are already well aware that there is a big difference between baby proofing, toddler-proofing, and measures it takes to keep big kids and teens safe at home. Some general things to consider include:

  • Sleep safety
  • Stages of mobility — crawl, walk, etc. — sharp points, low counters, etc.
  • Access to medications, cleaning products, poisons, etc.
  • Falls off furniture or down stairs
  • Finger or limb entrapment is small crevices
  • Small parts/ choking hazards
  • Access to water, electricity, heat/fire, etc.
  • Exposure to various people
  • Trusting of strangers
  • Vulnerable targets of violence

How to Reduce Risk of Harm

Home should be the safest place your child goes, but it may take a little work to create the safest environment. As your child ages and matures, the safety interventions at home are sure to change. Additional safety measures should be taken in older homes, basement bedrooms with windows, and homes that feature pools.

  • Practice safe sleep habits
  • Remove trip hazards and install nightlights
  • Use safety devices on doors, faucets, ovens, etc.
  • Remove items that could be dangerous
  • Practice fire evacuation drills and how to dial 9-1-1
  • Reduce hot water temperatures
  • Use baby gates and latch locks where needed
  • Arrange furniture for safety and attach to wall if possible
  • Decrease clutter and keep a clean environment
  • Install locks or sensors on doors, windows, and cabinets
  • Install window and door alarms as well as security cameras or baby monitors
  • Use nanny cams to keep an eye on caregivers.

Which Bosma Products Can Help

At Bosma, we have created personal use home security products that work in tandem to offer complete home protection. Because our products are accessed using  secure Wi-Fi, you can get notifications and access footage from wherever you are, in real-time. Here’s how our security products can be used to help keep your children safe at home and offer you peace of mind. 

Security Cameras

All of our cameras are great for keeping a watchful eye on sleeping babies and playful children from inside your home or while you’re out. Our X1 and XC security cameras can be paired with our window and door sensors and is Alexa-compatible for hands-free monitoring and remote control. To learn more about which one of our security cameras is the best option for you, read our other post on the topic.

Smart Deadbolt

We recommend the Aegis smart deadbolt for homeowners and renters everywhere to help control access to your home and limit the potential for “escape” by small children. The Aegis smart lock is easy to install and allows you to set who can enter your home or authorize remote entry for emergencies. Additionally, you’ll be notified if the deadbolt is unlocked. 

Smart Doorbell

The Sentry smart doorbell allows you or your children to answer the doorbell without ever opening the door! Or, disarm the chime so your child isn’t tempted to open the door for strangers. The Sentry smart doorbell helps reduce access to your children by strangers or ill-intentioned visitors.

Window & Door Sensors

Window and door sensors offer peace of mind to parents. You’ll get immediate notifications when a doorway or window is opened. Because the window and door sensors work in tandem with the X1 or XC security camera, you’ll also be able to see what is happening and use the two-way real talk feature to respond in real-time. Use the window and door sensors on exterior and interior doors, windows, and cabinets to ensure enhanced safety and respond immediately. This helps prevent curious wandering turning dangerous, child abductions or intruder invasions, and after-hour teen sneak-outs.

X1 Camera

XC Camera

Window/Door Sensors

Aegis Smart Deadbolt

Sentry Smart Doorbell

Bosma Smart Home Products Offer Parents Peace of Mind:

Keep an Eye on Caregivers

Clear Night Vision

Remote Access to Home

Prevent Unsafe Wandering

Secure Unsafe Areas

Two-Way Talk Communication​

Real-Time Video Footage on Connect Smart Device

Sound and Motion Detection

Door and Window Open Detection

Secure Smart Deadbolt For Exterior Doors

What Customers Are Saying


“At first, I wasn’t sure about the “Starlight” sensor that was advertised as I have never used a camera with color night vision. The Capsulecam’s implementation of the technology makes other security camera tech obsolete! Absolutely impressed with the build and quality. Highly Recommended!”

– Ay. (Amazon)

Review 2

“I absolutely love this! We use it to watch our dogs while we are away from home. We can talk to them and take a picture or video of them. it has a two way speaker, where you can hear everything and they can hear you if you want to talk. the video is very crisp and clear! It has full color and night vision (which is black and white). the night vision is very clear too. There is about a 1 second time delay. Install and set up to my phone was very easy!! I love it! I would recommend this to anyone!” 

– Griselda


“I use this when we travel as a baby monitor and also set it up when we leave our children with a babysitter. Works great!”

– Hayley

Safety For Children, Peace of Mind For Their Parents

Bosma security products use secure Wi-Fi access on connected smart devices to allow parents to keep an eye on their children and caregivers from anywhere — in the other room, from work, or on vacation! Use the CapsuleCam as a baby monitor, or provide a safe environment by taking advantage of all the Bosma smart home security products.

Baby Monitor

The Bosma CapsuleCam is hailed as one of the best baby monitors due to its superior sound quality and Starlight night color vision that allows you to see great detail in low light. Check in on your sleeping baby on your connected smart phone from anywhere.

Nanny Cam

It can be stressful leaving your children in the care of someone else. Discover peace of mind with the CapsuleCam that allows you to check in on your babysitter and children from your connected smart device. It’s like being home when you’re somewhere else!

Wandering Alerts

From curious toddlers to rebellious teens, you can get instant notifications when windows or doors are opened. Prevent wandering into unsafe areas within the home or from eloping away from the home, as well as if someone else attempts to visit your child’s room. Never wonder whether your kids have wandered into danger again!

Bosma is committed to keeping everyone safe in their own homes, especially children! It is nearly impossible to eliminate all risks, but you can rest easier knowing that you’ve done everything you can and will be notified immediately in the event something does go awry so you can intervene quickly. Since Bosma products aren’t hard-wired in, you can use them wherever you call home — apartments, rentals, single family homes, or in a communal living situation. Visit Bosma online to build a customized home security system that meets your family’s needs and allows you to keep your children safer at home. 

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