College Dorm Room Safety

Bosma is committed to bringing safety and security to everyone! From homeowners to renters, college students, and roommates. Whatever you use your security cameras for, rest assured that with Bosma, you’ve got total control on your connected smart device. Bosma is proud to offer a variety of solutions to meet your needs to keep you safe without violating dormitory rules. Read on to discover which options may work best for you or the college students in your life

In our previous article, Total Home Security For Renters, we discussed some of the security concerns faced by those who do not own the space they live in, especially those in situations where other people have routine access to their space. One of the most vulnerable populations are college dorm students. While many college campuses around the nation have increased their security measures to offer more protection to students including roving guards, locking doors, better lighting inside and outside, security cameras in common areas, etc. there are still serious shortcomings and loopholes. At Bosma, we take home security seriously for everyone! In today’s post, we offer you some college dorm room safety tips.


Use the Buddy System


Whether you go everywhere with someone else or you simply keep someone else in the loop of where you are going and when you anticipate returning, applying the buddy system boosts your safety on and off-campus and ensures someone will notice if something is amiss. If you don’t have a buddy, be sure to take your phone and stay in populated and/or well-lit areas where other people are likely to see you. 


Stay Alert, Always


In a digital environment where social distancing is the norm, it can be difficult not to divert all your attention to your smartphone, your eReader, or lose yourself in your earbuds, but the best way to stay safe in any situation is to remain vigilant and aware. Whether you are walking across campus, studying in the library, or using public transportation, don’t be an “easy target” by being distracted and impeding your own awareness with music or a phone. 


Limit Alcohol


Alcohol is often not permitted in college dorms anyhow, but it is a long-standing tradition to break the rules to let loose and party. Remember that drinking alcohol can interfere with logical thought processing, judgment, and sound decision-making skills, which only serves to increase vulnerability. Alcohol can impede your ability to remain vigilant and skew your sense of place and time, making it easier for someone to violate your safety. If you do choose to partake, know your limits and party responsibly to make it home safe.


Keep Valuables Locked Up


College dorms are easy targets for petty thieves to find valuable items left unsecured and simply swipe them. With so many people around, coming and going, most people don’t notice before it’s too late. Keep your valuables safe by keeping them locked up and out of sight. Valuables include your money, electronics (including headphones), laptop, and expensive accessories such as jewelry and sunglasses. 


Arm Your Dorm With Bosma


Bosma home security cameras are the perfect dorm room companion for personal security use. Our security cameras are sleek and can be set or mounted nearly anywhere. Because they are not hard-wired in, you can take them with you and your RA shouldn’t even notice they are there. Pair your Bosma security camera with window and door sensors to get notified of any breach of your space whether you’re in class, on holiday at home, or sleeping inside your room. You can update your family profile to include your parents back home to optimize your safety and allow them to be notified of concerning events too.

Benefits of Using Bosma Security Products In Your Dorm Room

Easy Installation & Uninstallation

Uses WiFi Connection

Take Devices With You

Notification and Control Through Connected Device

Window and Door Sensors