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Everything You Need to Know About Aegis Smart Door Lock

The Bosma Aegis Smart Door Lock is the last deadbolt you’ll ever need! The Aegis deadbolt is the answer to smart home security and was created to serve as another connected device in the Bosma smart home security system. Bosma Aegis Smart Door aids in auto-locking and unlocking using smart algorithms. It sends push notifications to your connected smartphone if the door is slightly open or someone attempts to break the door. The advanced door lock even supports Alexa and Google Assistant voice for a smarter user experience. Aegis Smart Door lock allows the homeowner to create a guest list to automatically open the door upon the guest’s arrival. For safety and security, the smart door lock uses AES128 encryption to prevent hacking.

Aegis: the shield or breastplate of Zeus — the ultimate protection

Features and Benefits of Aegis Smart Door Lock

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Easy Installation

Made for the do-it-yourselfer, the Aegis smart deadbolt requires little more than a screwdriver and the included instruction manual, so the savvy homeowner can easily install it. It works with most standard deadbolts and only requires modification of the inside portion of the deadbolt. Make your door safer without changing the lock!

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App Control

The dedicated Bosma app for Aegis smart lock offers extensive features and enhances usability. The app allows for remote entry, keeps track of lock activity, allows easy user management, and app-less guest keys may also be created. Smart user management allows you to create profiles for friends and family to allow entry and the app will keep track of when they enter and leave your home.


Auto-lock and Unlock

Using your connected device, the Aegis smart deadbolt automatically unlocks when you near and locks behind you when you walk through the door. This feature can also be used to unlock the door remotely.

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Door Ajar Alert

Aegis smart deadbolt can detect whether or not the door is fully closed. If the door is left ajar, it sends a push notification as an alert. This is particularly useful for homeowners who have small children or pets.

Door Break-In Detection

Aegis can detect if someone is trying to break into your home, and immediately notify you if it happens.

Strong Encryption

At Bosma, we understand the concern for security. In fact, security is our primary focus during development of all of our products. To ensure your protection, we use a combination of security measures including bank-grade AES128 encryption to prevent known types of attacks, including man-in-the-middle and replay attacks. AES-128 encryption offers the ultimate in cybersecurity protection. Use the Bosma app and digital keys confident that no one can hack your data.

Pair With Other Bosma Products

Add the Sentry Smart Doorbell for more enhanced features that include facial recognition, fingerprint reader, package theft detection, package delivery notifications, full 1080HD video, real telephone-quality 2-way audio. Pairing Aegis with other Bosma home security products serves to enhance the protection of your home with a single system.

Make Your Deadbolt Smarter In 10 Minutes

A Smarter Way to Come and Go

Let in the dog-walker, the housekeeper, or your family member who forgot their key. Get alerts when they enter and when they leave.

What Customers Are Saying

While the Aegis Smart Door Lock is still relatively new, we know that reviews make a difference when you are considering new products to purchase. Here are a few reviews from actual customers.
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“Literally the easiest thing I have ever installed it was harder to get the backplate off the deadbolt. Installed per instructions, locks closed smoothly. Paired with BT and WiFi lock works as advertised.”

– Jason W. (YouTube)

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“Aegis is not only cool but also super affordable.”


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“I have both Aegis and Sentry. The locks seem to work well minus a few features which they are working on. The installation is easy. The only issue you may run into is if your deadbolt doesn’t move smoothly (it catches and takes a little force to close or you have to pull or push the door), you will have to fix that first. There are videos online on how to fix this which usually involve filing down the strike plate or repositioning it. Takes about 1-2 hours if you’ve never done it before. If you’re familiar with the process, it would take around 30 minutes or so…. I think at this point for me, the issues may be software related. I’ve been emailing back and forth with support, who are excellent, and they said they are looking into the issues and will be pushing a firmware update. The only reason I haven’t disconnected these is the great support. They seem receptive to feedback on how to improve the products. It’s in the early stage so you can’t expect it to be perfect now. But I think in the future, it will be one of the best lock and doorbell on the market.”

– Karma (Reddit)

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“OMG! Sooooo, totally easy to install. I have to admit I was a bit hesitant to install this on my own given my past experiences with door locks but this was by far the easiest install I have ever done. Thanks to the wonderful print instructions, I would say it took me max 30 minutes to install. It could have been faster than that but the old screws were a bit hard to unfasten. The Bluetooth was easy to pair and so was the gateway! Excellent product. I’m ready for more. Thanks Bosma!”

– Sonia K. (Facebook)

It’s Not Just a Smart Deadbolt, It’s Peace of Mind

Why Choose Bosma

Upgrade Your Home Security System

Frequently Asked Questions

Fortunately, since all of Bosma Aegis smart deadbolt components are on the inside of your door, a burglar can’t see that there’s a smart lock on the other side of the door from the outside. However, even if they do know, there’s virtually no chance of them hacking the lock, according to the experts from AV-Test. Because the Aegis uses bluetooth technology and a mobile app to operate over your home’s WiFi, we’ve included bank-grade AES128 encryption to prevent hacks and attacks.

The three main components of the smart deadbolt are the deadbolt cover lock/unlock mechanism, the door plate, and the Aegis WiFi Gateway. Learn more about these parts in the user manual.

Learn More About the Aegis

Yes, smart locks are as safe, and in most cases, safer than regular locks. Many of the security risks associated with smart locks can be resolved by correctly installing and using the smart deadbolt technology. Optimizing the safety of the lock includes securing your network and preventing tampering. Upgrade your router security settings, change your default network name and password, create dedicated VLANS, and install extensive firewalls.

The Aegis Smart Door Lock can be used anywhere that there is a standard deadbolt and WiFi access. Use it in homes, apartments, college dorm rooms, and more!

The Aegis smart deadbolt negates the need to use a key, but if you need to, yes, you can still use your key to access your lock.

For all of your product-specific questions, read more frequently asked questions here:

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Pair Your Aegis Smart Lock With Sentry Video Doorbell

Upgrade your security by pairing the Aegis deadbolt with Sentry video doorbell and add Bosma Assist for the ultimate in home entry security.

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