Everything You Need to Know About Bosma CapsuleCam

The Bosma CapsuleCam is the compact, yet mighty, home security camera that customers and tech experts alike rave about! Capable of most of the features offered by our larger cameras, the CapsuleCam is affordable enough to be placed in every room of your home and has been hailed as one of the best baby monitors on the market today. The CapsuleCam offers real two-way talk, infrared night-vision, motion detection, and a 162° still view. With Bosma home security systems that feature CapsuleCam, you can rest easy down the hall or across town, knowing you’ve got eyes on what matters most.

Features and Benefits of Bosma CapsuleCam

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Place It Anywhere

And, we do mean anywhere. This small, capsule-shaped security camera is small enough to fit anywhere. Mount it on the wall or place it on a table, installation has never been so easy. The Bosma CapsuleCam comes with a wall mount base plate and mounting screws so you’re ready to go within moments of opening the package.

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App Control

The Bosma app for the Bosma CapsuleCam is incredibly intuitive and available even when you aren’t. You can watch live recordings and get instant notifications to your phone anytime, from anywhere.


Real Two-Way Audio

The two-way real talk audio allows you to have a conversation through the camera as though you were on the phone with the person in the room with the camera! Live, undistorted audio offers immediate feedback or intervention options.

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Standing just 3.2 inches high and 2 inches across, this micro-camera fits nearly anywhere and is discrete enough to blend into your home decor. The best part is, the small size allows it to watch your home and go unnoticed by prowlers.

Starlight Color Night Vision

Equipped with Sony Starlight CMOS sensor, the CapsuleCam provides color video in almost any lighting condition. It also uses infrared LED technology to provide black-and-white night vision when there’s not enough light for color. The clarity allows you to see facial features and expressions in low light, which makes it the perfect baby monitor!

Keep An Eye On What Matters Most


A Safer Way to Live

Keep an eye on those who matter most to you no matter where you are. The CapsuleCam offers more than video footage; it offers peace of mind and comfort knowing that your family is safe.

What Customers Are Saying

At Bosma, we know that reviews and testimonials from actual customers who have used the product for similar purposes as you’re considering make a difference in your decisions. Here are a few reviews from actual Bosma CapsuleCam customers.
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“Love this little guy. Works well right out of the box. Good deal for this price. The picture quality is quite well. I am able to see all details that I would like to see. I really appreciate the wide angle which is quite helpful for me to see the whole room. The motion is also well detected and there is no blur at all. The night vision is amazing. I am surprised to see the colors under night vision, much better than another monitor I got last year which cost more. I also like the design. Very portable and modern. The box looks great as well. Highly recommend it.”

– Ryan T.


“The CapsuleCam home security camera delivers clear color footage even in the dark.”

– Julian P.


“At first, I wasn’t sure about the “Starlight” sensor that was advertised as I have never used a camera with color night vision. The Capsulecam’s implementation of the technology makes other security camera tech obsolete! Absolutely impressed with the build and quality. Highly Recommended!”

– Ay. (Amazon)

It’s Not Just a Camera, It’s Peace of Mind

The CapsuleCam is versatile, allowing you to do so much more than simply keep an eye out for intruders.

Baby Monitor

The Bosma CapsuleCam is hailed as one of the best baby monitors due to its superior sound quality and Starlight night color vision that allows you to see great detail in low light. Check in on your sleeping baby on your connected smart phone from anywhere.

Nanny Cam

It can be stressful leaving your children in the care of someone else. Discover peace of mind with the CapsuleCam that allows you to check in on your babysitter and children from your connected smart device. It’s like being home when you’re somewhere else!

Monitor Pets

Whether you simply miss your furry friend while you’re away at work or your pup is known for causing trouble, you can keep an eye on them to ensure they are safe and your home is intact. Speak to them through the CapsuleCam to let them know you’re thinking about them!

Senior Safety Cam

Do you have elderly family members that live with you? If you are concerned about their safety related to falls, mobility challenges, or memory/cognitive impairment, the CapsuleCam allows you to check in on them both visually and verbally, whether you’re in the next room or at work while they are home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! That is the default setting, you speak through the camera by using the Bosma app on your connected smartphone.

Yes. The CapsuleCam comes with a 16gb MicroSD which is usually sufficient. However, you can upgrade to a larger size. The CapsuleCam supports up to 32gb.

The CapsuleCam does need to be plugged in to operate because there is no battery backup. It is wireless in that it streams live video through WiFi instead of an ethernet cable or similar.

The CapsuleCam can record continuously, or it can be set to record only when motion is detected. This depends on your settings in the Bosma app.

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