Everything You Need to Know About Bosma XC Security Camera

The Bosma XC indoor home security camera features everything that you need, plus a few additional benefits that you want! Its 1080p Full HD camera with HDR delivers high resolution and high-quality images and the 138° wide-angle lens ensures you capture as much of your home as possible. The 360° panning feature allows you to capture a broader view of your home whenever you like. The Bosma XC does better with motion and sound detection than many other security cameras on the market, and when paired with the intuitive Bosma app, you’ll get immediate alerts on your smartphone so that you never miss a thing that happens in your home. The real two-way talk feature allows phone-like conversation right through the app. XC’s night vision capabilities offer the ability to capture fine detail even in low-light situations. As part of a complete smart home system, the Bosma XC Security Camera is compatible with Alexa and Google Home, letting you to control the security camera with voice commands. With a humble price tag and modern look, the XC is a security camera for all homes.

Features and Benefits of Bosma XC Security Camera

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Easy Installation

Installation couldn’t be easier! Simply remove the camera from the box and either set it on a table or mount it to the wall using the included mounting kit. Install the Bosma app, turn on the camera, and follow the quick setup guide to install the camera and pair it with your connected device.

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App Control

The dedicated Bosma app allows total control over camera functions including the ability to share with household members and view footage from anywhere in the world, at any time! Explore all the features of the app to optimize the use of your Bosma home security camera including notifications, video recording, signaling the built-in alarm, and using the real two-way talk feature.


1080p Video with 138° Super Wide Angle

See more with Bosma XC’s super-wide angle lens and 360° panning on-demand capability. The high-definition video allows you to capture fine detail, including facial expressions.

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Real Two-way Audio Communication

While other two-way talk systems sound like walkie-talkies, the Bosma XC allows you ro talk and listen at the same time, in real-time, as if you were on a phone call.

Motion Detection

Built-in sound and motion detection alerts you to movement or disturbance on your connected smart device immediately.

Local Storage

Capture video and store event activity on an inserted micro SD card up to 128GB. Micro SD card sold separately.

Night Vision

High-quality night vision captures vivid features with clarity, even in low-light environments.

Pair With Other Bosma Products

Optimize your XC security camera functions by adding the Bosma window and door sensors and Bosma smart button. Use the smart button as a button-only door bell or as an emergency alert button. Use the window and door sensors on internal and external home entry points as you please. Not only will you be notified of any sound or motion, but you’ll be notified when any of the paired sensors are triggered. Pairing Aegis with other Bosma home security products serves to enhance the protection of your home with a single system.

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What Customers Are Saying

At Bosma, we know that what verified customers have to say about the product you are considering investing in makes all the difference. Here are a few reviews from actual customers.
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“Awesome product! Easy to configure, app is working fine. Support is fantastic. I’ve been using it for two weeks now and it gives me an alert if there is movement or activity.”

– Emmanuel S.


“Worth the price, nice design.”

– Cris A.


“This is a great product. It is simple to set up and the picture is better than most of my high-end cameras.”

– Harvey

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Frequently Asked Questions

The XC camera is made for use indoors and may not work if exposed to extreme temperatures or moisture. For an outdoor option, try the Sentry Video Doorbell.

Video footage storage is saved to an inserted micro-SD card. Use any card between 16gb and 128gb. The micro-SD card is separate, but available on Bosma online.

No. The built-in siren is a feature that must be manually activated through the Bosma app when you verify that there is an intruder. The alarm does not alert the authorities, but serves as an audible deterrent for those intending to perpetrate crimes.

For all of your product-specific questions, read more frequently asked questions here:

Make Your Smart Home Even Smarter

Pair Your XC Camera With Other Bosma Products

Upgrade your home security options by using your XC as an integrated hub that connects to Bosma door/window sensors or smart button.

It’s Not Just a Camera, It’s Peace of Mind

Child Monitor

More than just a baby monitor, the Bosma XC can serve as a safety alert system for wandering toddlers to teenagers who sneak out. Pair the XC with window and door sensors to keep predators out and your children safely in. Set up in bedrooms for toddlers or near entry points of your home for older kids. Real two-way talk lets you speak to your child, whether you’re at home or not.

Pet Cam

The Bosma XC is the ultimate pet cam! Keep a watchful eye on naughty puppies or simply check in on your four-legged friends and say hello. The XC is particularly useful for homes with dog-walkers or pet doors, allowing you to pair the security camera with Bosma door sensors. The motion detection features allow you to only be notified if your pets are moving about and get an inside scoop on their daily routine while you’re away.

Senior Safety System

For elderly family members, the Bosma XC can make all the difference! Live at home alone longer when you install an XC security camera paired with a Bosma Smart Button that can function as an alert system if you fall or need help, simply press the button to alert those who have access to the camera via the Bosma app.

Intruders and House Guests

Get notified of an attempted break in and capture the video evidence with the Bosma XC paired with Bosma window and door sensors. Keep an eye on house guests who are there when you aren’t, including contractors, the housekeeper, or your nanny. Use the real two-way talk feature to check-in or the built-in alarm to scare away intruders.

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