Everything You Need to Know About Sentry Video Doorbell

The Bosma Sentry Video Doorbell is the world’s first modular video doorbell with advanced security features. Never miss a visitor or be continually disturbed by false alarms. The Sentry offers smart technology like no other video doorbell available on the market. Sentry is available in a basic version that features a high-quality video camera and doorbell system with real two-way audio. The smart camera includes AI software that detects and alerts you when someone is at your doorstep to help prevent front porch package theft. For enhanced features, the Sentry doorbell has three add-on options — a PIR/LED light module, a fingerprint module, and a gateway module. Discover everything you need to know about the smart doorbell that will change the way you view your entryway.

Features and Benefits of Sentry Video Doorbell

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Real Two-Way Radio

Real two-way radio means you can hear and speak through the speaker as though you were on the phone with the person on your front porch. Hear them in real time with clarity and respond just as well, without the choppy sound of a walkie-talkie style system.

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App Control

The Bosma app offers extensive features and enhances usability of the Sentry doorbell. The app allows for remote entry, keeps track of event activity, and allows for easy user management. Smart user management allows you to create profiles for family members and housemates.


Voice Message

Missed your visitor? That’s okay, they can leave you a voicemail that you can listen to later.

Reduced False Alarms

Reduced False Alarms

No more false motion alerts from drive-by cars, swaying tree branches, and moving shadows. Sentry uses Advanced Motion Detection to capture only the motion of people, so you will only receive relevant notifications.

Color Night Vision

Color Night Vision allows you to monitor your front door in vivid color and clarity, even in the dark. You can also switch back to regular black-and-white night vision.

Pair With Other Bosma Products

Add the Aegis Smart Door Lock and security cameras or add Bosma Assist for more enhanced features that include facial recognition, fingerprint reader, package theft detection, package delivery notifications. Pairing Sentry with other Bosma home security products serves to enhance the protection of your home with a single system.

Advanced AI Security With Bosma Assist

Additional security features are available for the Sentry when you subscribe to Bosma Assist.

Facial Recognition

Better than simply knowing that there is someone at the front door, the facial recognition feature lets you know who it is! Advanced AI technology is able to tell you if the visitor is a familiar face or a stranger.

Package Detection

Advanced AI technology allows the Sentry to distinguish when someone bends over at your doorstep. When a package is delivered to your door, Sentry will automatically notify you.

Active Theft Prevention

Sentry protects your packages when you’re away with package and motion detection AI. When Sentry detects that someone is grabbing your package, it automatically sounds the built-in 100dB siren to scare off the would-be thief.

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Beyond the Basics: Explore the Sentry Modules


PIR/LED Module

Heat-based motion detection to prevent false alarms from swaying tree branches and passing cars. Offers enhanced LED lighting for better night-viewing.


Fingerprint Module

Works with Bosma Aegis Smart Door Lock to allow app-less and keyless entry with fingerprint scanning.


Hub/Gateway Module

Allows Sentry Video Doorbell to work with peripheral sensors and smart lights.

What Customers Are Saying

At Bosma, we know that reviews make a difference when you are considering new products to purchase. Here are a few Sentry video doorbell reviews from actual customers.
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“High quality product and best customer service!“

– Fannie C. (Facebook)

Review 2

“I have both Aegis and Sentry. The picture and viewing angle are great. The fingerprint sensor is a neat idea. It lights up with motion detection. Unfortunately, I get motion alerts every 30-90 seconds from about 9 PM to 7 AM every day. The fingerprint doesn’t always work. Bosma is pretty responsive and is taking suggestions to improve the product. When chatting with them they told me to check the doorbell transformer as it might be underpowered. It was, and the day I changed it out and reset everything, the Sentry worked great as intended.…. I’ve been emailing back and forth with support, who are excellent, and they said they are looking into the issues and will be pushing a firmware update. The only reason I haven’t disconnected these is the great support. They seem receptive to feedback on how to improve the products. It’s in the early stage so you can’t expect it to be perfect now. But I think in the future, it will be one of the best lock and doorbell on the market.”

– Karma (Reddit)

It’s Not Just a Smart Doorbell, It’s Peace of Mind

Why Choose Bosma

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Sentry video doorbell is tamper proof and it’s IP64 rated.

Absolutely. You’ll simply need to uninstall it and reset it. Then, when you get to your new home, reinstall it with the initial setup instructions.

Installation Manual

Aside from seeing who’s at your front door from wherever you are, we love that the Sentry offers the ability to silence the chime to prevent disrupting sleeping kids and pets for a delivery or solicitor. Speak to whoever is at your door to let them know you’ll be right there or that you have no intention of opening the door. We also love that you can capture footage of what occurs on your doorstep in the event that you need photographic evidence to report an attempted home invasion.

Anywhere that has an existing 8-24V AC doorbell wiring. Install at your house, apartment, townhome, or studio.

For all of your product-specific questions, read more frequently asked questions here:

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Pair Your Sentry Video Doorbell With Other Great Bosma Home Security Products

Upgrade your security by pairing Sentry video doorbell with Aegis deadbolt and add Bosma Assist for the ultimate in home entry security.

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