Everything You Need to Know About X1 Security Camera

The Bosma X1 indoor home security camera is a smart security camera that allows you to keep an eye on your home, no matter where you are from the connected app on your smartphone. Its Red-Dot Award-winning design features a sleek aluminum-alloy body that matches nearly any home decor. With HD video quality, a super-wide field of view, Color Night Vision, 2-way audio, Advanced PIR Motion and sound detection, and full 360°, you can confidently look after your home from wherever you are. For working parents, pet owners, and travelers, the Boxma X1 Security Camera offers peace of mind. The smart home security system allows you to use a single camera or fully integrate it into a complete home security system complete with door sensors, smart deadbolt, and smart doorbell, all within a single, easy-to-manage app. Let’s take a deep dive into what the X1 security camera offers users.

Features and Benefits of X1 Security Camera

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Easy Installation

Set up and installation is as easy as taking the camera out of the box and pairing it with your smartphone through the Bosma app and your WiFi.

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App Control

The dedicated Bosma app for its home security cameras offers extensive features and superior user experiences. Get push notifications, access video footage, and use two-way audio all through the app.


1080p Video with 138° Super Wide Angle

Leave no blind spot in your home with X1’s super-wide angle lens and 360° panning. The high-definition video allows you to capture detail where it matters most.

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Real Two-way Audio Communication

Talk and listen at the same time, in real-time, as if you were on a phone call. The X1 camera eliminates walkie-talkie style communication.

Strong Encryption

At Bosma, we understand the concern for security and the fear of hacking. To ensure your protection, we use a combination of security measures including bank-grade AES128 encryption to prevent known cyber attack methods. Use the Bosma app and home security cameras, confident that no one can hack your data.

Advanced Motion Detection

Advanced AI technology offers accurate motion detection that reduces false or unwanted notifications.

Built-in Siren

A loud built-in 110dB siren that can be manually or automatically triggered to scare off intruders when a window or door sensor is triggered.

Local Storage

Local video capture and event activity storage with a micro SD card up to 128GB. Micro SD card sold separately.

Color Night Vision

The X1 indoor security camera captures vivid color images, even in low-light environments, with superior clarity.

Pair With Other Bosma Products

The X1 security camera is a stand alone camera that can function on its own or be paired with the Bosma window and door sensors, smart button, Bosma Assist, and as part of a complete home security system that features Aegis Smart Door Lock and Sentry Video Doorbell.

Keep an Eye On Your Home Whether You’re There or Not!

A Smarter Way to Monitor Your Home

Keep an eye on what matters — your kids, senior parents, and pets — while you look out for what doesn’t belong with the help of a smarter indoor home security camera. Have peace of mind while you’re at work, running errands, or on holiday out of town when you can check on your home on your smartphone.

Keep An Eye On Your Kids

From wandering toddlers to rebellious teens, and everything in between, parenting is a full-time job and requires watchful eyes 24/7. Whether you are sleeping in the next room, away at work, or you and your partner left a sitter at home to enjoy a date night out, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you can check in on your children anytime. Let the X1 function as a nanny-cam, a baby monitor, or simply stationed throughout the house so you can keep an eye on everything no matter where you are.

Keep Aging Parents Safe

Now more than ever, with the aging population living at home longer, the adult children of our nation’s seniors are responsible for the care and wellbeing of their parents. Leaving the home can be nerve-wracking, especially if the senior lives alone. The Bosma X1 home security camera allows you to keep an eye on your aging parents in their home or yours. Pair it with window and door sensors to prevent dementia-related wandering and pair it with a Bosma Smart Button that acts like an emergency call button.

Pet Sit Yourself

Wander what your cats are up to all day or need to keep an eye on your naughty pup while you’re at work? The Bosma X1 allows you to do just that! Advanced motion detection will alert you when they are up from their nap, window sensors can be used to monitor pet doors, and real two-way talk allows you to say hello or give commands. Get hours of entertainment watching your pets and rest assured they are doing well in your absence.

React to Invasions

The intended purpose of the Bosma X1 and all other home security cameras is to prevent or warn of home invasions. Rather than simply alerting you of an attempted home invasion, the X1 takes it one step further and offers a built-in alarm that can be sounded to scare off the perpetrator. Advanced motion detection, superior night vision, and the ability to pair the security camera with other Bosma devices offers your home the protection your family needs to sleep soundly.

What Customers Are Saying

Understandably, customer testimonials and reviews are what potential customers seek for validation. Don’t take our word for how great the Bosma X1 Indoor Security Camera is, check out what actual users are saying.
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“I bought this security camera for my home to monitor my kids as a baby monitor but this includes other additional features as well to work for multiple purposes such as baby monitoring, home security, indoor and especially downstairs home security.
I especially purchased this to keep an eye on my kids while I am at work.
And it really does its job because I can talk with my kids live without worrying about network connection for making calls. I easily talk with them and look at them clearly as this camera has very good video and pictures quality. The setup is very easy by connecting with WiFi and downloading its application and it’s ready to record. The best thing is that it can easily be placed on the table as it has a good base of support. Lastly I would say perfect for kids monitoring. Recommend to working mothers.”

– Faiza B. (Bosma)


“Given the quality and the price, this is probably the best you can find on the market. Setup is easy and fast (I did it within 2 minutes). Video quality is great. The thing I like the most is “PIR”, seems to be some kind of heat source-based motion detection so it only triggers if a person is moving. My living room had a window facing the street, and at night cars drive by and sometimes headlamp light would trigger false motion events, but it never triggers PIR. So now I just have PIR on and there’s no more notification rings at night. It is well worth the 99 bucks.”

– Washington (Amazon)


“I was after a security camera for my home which must have specific features like two way talk system through which I can speak with someone who is at my door before opening. And finally, I got this excellent quality and full of features at a reasonable price than other expensive branded security cameras. Because it has all features and qualities such as good night vision, memory card option and two way-audio system. Moreover, it has hassle free installation and setup to operate, just needs WiFi connection, download it’s app by following the instructions given in the manual which are quite easy to understand as well…. But overall I would say perfect for home security.”

– Farooq R. (Bosma)

Review 4

“This was a great buy for our house. It’s smaller and more compact than we expected. Set-up is very easy and intuitive with voice prompts. Love the sleek design as well. We put it in our living room facing the front door. Picture and sound quality are both very good, and the night vision is fantastic. It also picks up motion of our cat so that’s a plus as well. Overall this product has been great so far. If you’re looking at a decent home camera, this is the way to go.”

– Teddy (Amazon)


“Bought this camera just because it looks better than the other ones, but after using it for three days, it really surpassed my expectations, firstly the entire setup is really easy to install, it took me only about 20 secs to have everything setup. Then the software really impressed me a bit, the Bosma app works perfectly and is fluent on my old iphone 7 plus, the overall software experience is even better than the Google Home software, which disappointed me so many times. Apart from that, I haven’t yet tried it in low light environment, the video quality in the daylight environment is decent. Will definitely buy it again when I need more in my condo.”

– Kahlil L. (Amazon)

It’s Not Just a Home Security Camera, It’s Peace of Mind

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When it comes to indoor home security cameras, we know you’ve got a choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. The sensor that is activated will trigger the camera that the sensor is paired with.

Yes, we offer 2-pack window and door sensors so you can arm all of your first floor windows and doors for optimal safety.

Purchase Sensors

The X1 security camera is made to either stand on a table or counter, or it can be mounted using the specially designed wall mount.

Purchase Wall Mount

No, the X1 indoor security camera is designed to work indoors and is not weather resistant. An outdoor version is in the works, stay tuned!

Yes, you can switch to “Private” mode (at the bottom of the Bosma app home screen) while you’re at home, and then switch the setting to “Away” when you’re out and want to monitor your home.

Just about anywhere! Use it in your house, apartment, college dorm room, and even take it along to use in vacation homes. Wherever you need to keep an eye on those you love, the X1 indoor security camera can go.

For all of your product-specific questions, read more frequently asked questions here:

Make Your Smart Home Even Smarter

Pair Your X1 Security Camera With Other Bosma Products

Upgrade your security by pairing the X1 security camera with window and door sensors, a smart button, and Bosma Assist subscription. The window and door sensors can be paired with the camera to trigger panning and push notifications to your connected smartphone. The Bosma smart button is intended to function as a paired doorbell, but may also be used inside as an emergency alert button. The Bosma Assist is the subscription service that allows you to store video events in cloud storage and offers additional app features. Connect your entire home security system with one easy-to-use app.

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