How do I update my Bosma device’s firmware?

(1) If a new firmware version is available for your device, you’ll be redirected to a batch update page when you open the app. Tap “Batch Update” or the “Update” button on each device to begin the firmware update. Stay on the page and wait for 2-3 minute for each update to complete. When updates are done, you’ll get a success popup message.

(2) You can also update the firmware of each device in Device Settings -> Firmware Update.

(3) You can also enable automatic firmware update in Device Settings -> Firmware Update. Automatic updates will happen between 2:00 am and 3:00 am when a new firmware is available. The device will not perform auto-update if an event is triggered during that time.

(4) On some devices, you can also manually update the firmware with a micro SD card.

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