Why am I not getting notifications from my Bosma product to my mobile device?

First, check whether you can see past events in the Event History on the Bosma app.

If you do see Event History entries, then:

  1. Check whether the Bosma app has notification permission in your phone settings.
  2. Check whether notification for the device is enabled. You can go to Device Settings -> Event & Notifications, and see if the “Notification” option at the bottom is enabled.
  3. Check your current Security Mode. Certain Security Modes may disable notifications, e.g. “Home” and “Disarmed” mode both disable notifications by default.

If you don’t see Event History entries, then:

  1. Check whether your camera’s Recording Mode is set to “Never.”
  2. Check whether your camera has an active Recording Schedule in Device Settings -> Recording Schedule. If a Recording Schedule is active, the camera does not record events outside of the scheduled period.

If all settings are correct and you still don’t receive notifications, please contact customer support.

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