What does each indicator light color mean on the CapsuleCam?

(1) Steady Blue: Connected. Everything is fine.

(2) Slow Blinking Blue: Powering up or waiting to be set up. If you have not set up the CapsuleCam before, please set up the CapsuleCam in the app. If you have set up the CapsuleCam before but just restarted it, please wait for about 30 seconds and it should automatically reconnect to the existing WiFi.

(3) Fast Blinking Blue: Reconnecting to an existing WiFi hotspot. This may happen when you have set up the CapsuleCam but it can no longer find the WiFi hotspot (either because the WiFi name/password was changed, or the camera/router was moved to another location so the signal was lost). If this is the case, please reset the CapsuleCam and set it up in the app again.

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