How does Sentry’s voice message work?

There are two types of voice messages for the Sentry video doorbell.

  1. No Answer messages: Voice message played when you do not respond to a doorbell ring on the Bosma app in time (about 20s).
  2. Ignored messages: Voice message played when you selected to “Ignore” a doorbell ring on the Bosma app.

You can manage the voice message settings in Sentry Home Page -> Settings -> Voice Message. To add a new voice response, tap the “+” button at the top right corner. To allow visitors to leave voice messages, make sure the “No Answer Auto-response” and “Ignored Auto-response” options are enabled (if these options are disabled, visitors will not hear a voice message and cannot leave a voice message). 

There’s also an “Away Mode” option on Sentry’s home page. If this option is enabled, when someone rings the doorbell, you will not receive a notification and the Sentry video doorbell will play the “No Answer” voice message automatically. You can use this option when you do not wish to be disturbed.

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