How do I pair my Aegis door lock with my Sentry doorbell?

Your Aegis smart deadbolt can use the Sentry video doorbell as a gateway to connect to the internet (if you purchased just the Aegis door lock, there should be a separate gateway device that serves the same purpose).

First, ensure that your Sentry doorbell has the fingerprint reader module. The module is included if you purchased the Aegis Smart Door Lock + Sentry Video Doorbell bundle.

Install and set up both your Aegis and Sentry. Then, go to Sentry home page –> Fingerprints, and add your Aegis smart deadbolt under “Paired Devices.” Don’t forget to enable “Unlock” under “Fingerprint Actions” so that fingerprint scans can unlock the smart deadbolt. You can then add new fingerprints under “Normal Fingerprints.”

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