Why is my Sentry frequently disconnecting/shutting down?

The most common cause for frequent disconnection and/or shutting down is insufficient power. Sentry requires a 8-24V AC transformer without a chime, and it’s recommended to use a 16-24V AC transformer when a chime is present. The transformer should have at least 20VA (volt-amps) of power, and the higher the better (e.g. 30VA/40VA).

Common symptoms of insufficient power include:

  • Device frequently restarts
  • Cannot watch live view
  • IR (black-and-white) night vision flickers
  • Device shut down and never powered up again
  • Device shuts down after pressing doorbell button
  • Chime does not ring when pressing doorbell button (assuming that the “Doorbell Chime” option is enabled)

If you encountered one of the above symptoms, please check the voltage and power of your doorbell transformer. If you have a multimeter, you can measure the voltage on Sentry to make sure it’s at least 8V. Please upgrade your transformer if the voltage or power is lower than the requirement.

Just in case, please also make sure that there is a stable WiFi coverage at Sentry’s location.

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