What if firmware update fails for Aegis?

First, please make sure that your phone has Bluetooth enabled and is physically close to the lock during the firmware update, as it transmits data via Bluetooth, which has a short range of less than 30ft.

If you’re updating to Aegis firmware version and firmware update fails, you can unpair the Aegis door lock with the Wi-Fi Gateway or Sentry doorbell (whichever it is currently connected with), and try updating firmware again. Once firmware update is complete, you can pair the devices again.

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  1. Is there a way to manually update firmware in the Aegis??
    i’m currently at but it seems that something is wrong with it as it doesn’t want to allow new finger print to be register anymore.
    is the problem is with the Aegis or with the Sentry??

    In the last Aegis Firmware update, the release note say: :[IF YOU’RE AEGIS IS PAIRED WITH A SENTRY DOORBELL, PLEASE UNPAIR…..]
    but unfortunately I did not see this note while updating the firmware at that moment, therefore the update was done with the sentry paired..
    and a week later another update was done but on the Sentry this time.
    since then, if I try to register a new Fingerprint. it only reach 2/3 of the finger registration then nothing else is happening..
    the only thing left for me is to [CANCEL] the fingerprint registration process..

    I’m all trying this by
    – Phone and Sentry are on same Wifi 2.4 MHz AP
    – Phone bluetooth is located 3 ft from Aegis.
    Q: Is this problem seems to be related to the firmware update that was supposed to be done by un=pairing both device first??

    What steps I try since:
    -Reset the Aegis doorlock;
    -reset the Sentry;
    – I unpaired then re-pairing both Aegis and Sentry (pairing successfully) .
    still cannot register new fingerprint after 2/3rd of process
    – I try to [restart fingerprint reader]
    still cannot register new fingerprint after 2/3rd of process.
    – I unpaired everybody, then force update Sentry with previous firmware, re-pairing both device (pairing successfully)
    still cannot register new fingerprint after 2/3rd of process.
    – 1001 power cycle on the Sentry, and battery pull out-push in into Aegis.
    I’m out of options..

    Note: I did sent 2 emails regarding this problem and I never got an answer back in the last 3 weeks.,

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