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Depending on the deadbolt’s tailpiece’s initial angle, it is sometimes possible you find that you cannot seem to turn Aegis a full 90°, and the bolt either doesn’t fully stick out when locked or fully retract when unlocked. In this case there are two things you can adjust:

– You can install the base plate at a tilted angle. The base plate allows for about 20° angle on either direction. If the bolt doesn’t fully stick out, install the base plate 20° towards the locking direction; if the bolt doesn’t fully retract, install the base plate 20° towards the unlocking direction.

– If the angle needed is expected to be greater than 20°, you can turn the tailpiece adapter the other way around.



Please first make sure that you have enabled Auto-unlock in Aegis settings and set the correct home address.

In order for Auto-unlock to work properly, there are a few phone settings you would need to configure. The required settings are listed under the “What is Auto-unlock” link at the bottom of the Auto-unlock setting page. As an overview:

  • Android: Turn on Bluetooth & WiFi; Set Bosma app’s Location permission to “All the time”; Disable battery optimization for Bosma; Do not force-quit Bosma or turn off your phone while you’re away.
  • iOS: Turn on Bluetooth & WiFi; Set Bosma app’s Location permission to “Always”; Do not force-quit Bosma or turn off your phone while you’re away.

Additionally, Auto-unlock becomes active only when you have traveled far enough (about 600ft/200m) away from home. When you have left your home area, you will receive a notification like “You have left home” indicating that Auto-unlock is now active. Then when you return home, Auto-unlock will unlock the door, and becomes inactive again until you leave your home area again.

There are a few reasons why calibration may fail. Please make sure that:

  1. At each step during the calibration process, please make sure that both the door and the lock are stationary before pressing the “Next” button to continue.
  2. The rotation between locked and unlocked positions must be greater than 60° at least, and no more than 120° (usually a full 90° from unlocked to locked position). Please make sure that you fully turn Aegis to locked/unlocked position during calibration.
  3. When asked to open the door during calibration, please make sure that the door is wide open (at least 60°)
  4. Please also make sure that Aegis is installed in an upright position (i.e. the front cover is perpendicular to the floor, and it is not installed upside down)

"How" & "What"

If you purchased the Aegis smart door lock single unit, its package comes with a WiFi bridge/connector to connect it to the internet. However, if you purchased a Sentry Video Doorbell + Aegis Smart Lock bundle, Aegis can use Sentry as a bridge/connector for internet connection. Please go to Aegis Settings -> Manage Fingerprints to pair your Aegis with your Sentry.

Please refer to the Installation Instructions. You can also watch the video tutorial on our YouTube channel.

Your Aegis door lock can use the Sentry doorbell as a Gateway to connect to the internet (if you purchased just the Aegis door lock, there should be a separate Gateway device in the box that serves the same purpose).

First, make sure that your Sentry doorbell has the fingerprint reader module. The module is included if you purchased the Aegis + Sentry bundle.

Install and set up both your Aegis and Sentry. Then, go to Sentry home page -> Fingerprints, and add your Aegis under “Paired Devices.” Don’t forget to enable “Unlock” under “Fingerprint Actions” so fingerprint scans may unlock the door. Then you can add new fingerprints under “Normal Fingerprints”

Please refer to the User Manual.

Please make sure that your Aegis is powered. Lift up the front cover of Aegis, and you should find a RESET button above the Main Button at the center. Long-press the RESET button until you see a white light flash once. Wait 30s for Aegis to power up again, and you can now set up Aegis in the app again.