Home Security Systems For
Vulnerable Populations

Babies and Children

Bosma cameras, namely the XC and the CapsuleCam, are marketed in many stores as baby monitors, and for good reason! These small cameras are the perfect baby monitors because they feature a clear image with real two-way talk, infrared night-vision, motion detection, and wide-angle views. With Bosma home security cameras, you can rest easy down the hall or across town, knowing you’ve got eyes on what matters most. Check in on your sleeping baby or your nanny on your connected smart phone from anywhere.

  • CapsuleCam offers Starlight night color vision.
  • XC offers panning capabilities and night vision.
  • All cameras are equipped with sound and motion detection.

Elderly or High-Risk Seniors

Whether your elderly family members live with you or at their own home, the Bosma security cameras and accessories offer extra protection for those at the most risk. Bosma security cameras allow you to check in periodically and use the real two-way talk feature to communicate hands-free. Use the Bosma Smart Button as an emergency alert notification system. You can install multiple smart buttons in various places within the home — restrooms, stair landings, etc., or it can be carried. Install more security cameras that are triggered by movement and window and door sensors to keep those who suffer from dementia or who wander safe. Add in the Sentry doorbell and Aegis smart lock to monitor who visits and allow remote entry for home health visitors or in the event of an emergency.

  • Bosma Smart Button used as emergency notification
  • Window and door sensors prevent wandering
  • X1 security camera offers two-way talk to communicate.
  • X1 security camera features sound and motion detection.
  • Sentry doorbell to monitor who visits
  • Aegis smart lock allows remote entry for home health visitors or in the event of an emergency.

Autistic Children

For children on the spectrum, safety is a high concern in regards to wandering. Many autistic children are unaware of the dangers of wandering and tend to do so in the wee hours of the night. Many of these children have sensory concerns that make temperature distinction difficult. Prevent a lost or injured child and sleep peacefully knowing you’ll be alerted if your child is in danger. For high-functioning, partially independent autistic children, support their independence while offering backup support with the use of the Bosma smart button as an alert system and two-way talk features for communication between rooms.

  • Aegis smart lock prevents door opening.
  • X1 security camera offers two-way talk to communicate.
  • X1 security camera features sound and motion detection.
  • Window and door sensors notify you if the child enters or leaves a room.
  • Smart button used as an emergency alert system.


If you have recently welcomed home a new puppy or you’ve got a mature cat you need to keep an eye on, your Bosma security cameras allow you to do just that. If you’ve set up a pet door or allow your creatures to wander your home while you’re away, you can be alerted of movement to ensure it’s your pet and they are behaving. If you have pets that are safe to stay home for a few days while you travel, but you want the peace of mind of checking in on them, your Bosma home security system is the answer, capturing real-time footage on a connected smart device.

  • Window and door sensors to safely use a pet door.
  • X1 security camera offers two-way talk to say hello or reprimand pet.
  • X1 security camera features sound and motion detection.

Prevent Unsafe Wandering

Notified of Door/Window Opening

Listen For Crying

Secure Unsafe Areas

Emergency Notification

Two-Way Talk Communication

Immediate Notifications

Real-Time Video Footage on Connect Smart Device

Sound and Motion Detection

Keep An Eye On What Matters Most

What Customers Are Saying

At Bosma, we know that reviews and testimonials from actual customers who have used the product for similar purposes as you’re considering make a difference in your decisions. Here are a few reviews from actual Bosma CapsuleCam customers.
Review 1

“I bought this security camera for my home to monitor my kids as a baby monitor but this includes other additional features as well to work for multiple purposes such as baby monitoring, home security, indoor and especially downstairs home security. I especially purchased this to keep an eye on my kids while I am at work. And it really does its job because I can talk with my kids live without worrying about network connection for making calls. I easily talk with them and look at them clearly as this camera has very good video and pictures quality. The setup is very easy by connecting with WiFi and downloading its application and it’s ready to record. The best thing is that it can easily be placed on the table as it has a good base of support. Lastly I would say perfect for kids monitoring. Recommend to working mothers.”

– Faiza B. (Bosma)


“I love it! It’s very clear and easy to use! And it’s a very affordable Monitor with great quality!”

-Sunny W.


“I ordered this product to use as a dog monitor. I’ve only had this product for a few days, and was really impressed with the quality of the image. The quality of the image is good, even in the dark. My favorite thing about this camera is that it has a 162 degree viewing angle, so I can monitor my dog anywhere he goes. I use the 16 GB SD card that comes along with the camera to save the videos that I capture when I am not home. The camera notifies me immediately if there is any unusual activity or motion occurring. Unlike other security cameras, the app that goes along with this camera does not freeze or wait. I can see my dog’s movement immediately through the app, and speak to my dog through the two way audio when needed. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a great quality security camera.”

~ Rita

Any Time, Any Where, Monitor What Matters

Because Bosma security products are small, versatile, and work on WiFi, they are multi-purpose and can be installed nearly anywhere! Make a difference in the safety of your most vulnerable loved ones in a matter of minutes!


Install a variety of security products including video doorbell, smart deadbolt, window and door sensors, smart button, and security cameras to create a complete home security system. Personalize your system based on your unique needs.

Assisted Living

If your elderly parent lives in an assisted living facility, you can still use a Bosma camera to keep an eye on their safety and allow them to communicate with you using the two-way talk radio. Simply discuss it with the facility staff and tap into the WiFi.

On Travel

Traveling with your vulnerable loved one? No problem! Because Bosma devices are not hard-wired in, you can take them anywhere with you! Travel in confidence and sleep peacefully no matter where you are.

Bosma is committed to keeping everyone and everything in your home safe, whether you are there or not.

 If there are vulnerable populations that call your house home, a total home security system is an absolute must. Visit Bosma online to build a customized security system that meets your needs and keeps those you love safe.