How Bosma Helps Protect Children on The Spectrum

In one of our previous posts, we discussed that far beyond home protection against intruders, Bosma security products help keep those you love safe at home, with particular interest on vulnerable populations. One of the most vulnerable populations that face challenges staying safe at home are autistic children. 

While all parents face some challenges keeping their children safe at home and while out, managing an autistic child’s safety can be much more difficult. Depending on how severe the symptoms are, many children on the spectrum are unaware of their surroundings or the natural consequences of their actions. Making it additionally challenging, many autistic children have temperature indifference and difficulty interacting or communicating with others which makes having their needs known difficult. 

Elopement and wandering is one of the more severe dangers that autistic children face, especially since most children on the spectrum are unaware of the dangers around them and their social interactions make it difficult for passersby to assist. Because many children on the spectrum have an above average intelligence, locks and physical barriers prove ineffective in most situations.  

In today’s post, we will review some of the challenges parents of autistic children face keeping their kids safe, and what Bosma is doing to help. At Bosma, our goal is to offer peace of mind to homeowners and parents no matter where they are. With our home security products, you can keep an eye on what matters most, from wherever you are. 

Safety Hazards

When it comes to child-proofing your home, many parents have a pretty good idea of how to go about reducing risks and hazards. However, for an autistic child, there are many more dangers lurking in a common household. Due to an autistic child’s propensity for fixation and above-average IQ levels, dangers that may not be of concern for neuro-typical children can pose significant threat for an autistic child. For instance, many autistic children are fascinated with water — in fact, 3 out of 4 deaths in autistic children who wander are caused by drowning — it can be difficult if they know where water exists near them. Sensory-seeking behaviors and unique interests can pose threats as well. Some safety hazards for autistic children in their homes include:  

  • Climbing on furniture — toppling furniture or falling
  • Accessing medications, chemicals, electrical outlets, or sharp objects
  • Fascination with water
  • Ability to solve locks and overcome obstacles or physical barriers
  • Being drawn to heat or fire — matches, lighters, stoves, fire places, etc.
  • Wandering/ elopement
  • Temperature indifference
  • Trusting of strangers

How to Reduce Risk of Injury or Wandering

To keep your child’s environment as safe as possible, you’ll want to create a safe space with plenty of stimulating objects that meet your child’s unique needs to help prevent them seeking out other environments. Some other home safety tips for the family with autistic children include: 

  • Use labels throughout the house that use green lights and stop signs
  • Set boundaries and mark them with visual reminders
  • Keep household items organized
  • Hide, secure, and bind electrical wires
  • Cover electrical outlets
  • Use safety devices on doors, faucets, ovens, etc. 
  • Secure items that could be dangerous
  • Practice reacting to alarms and detectors
  • Reduce hot water temperatures
  • Arrange furniture for safety
  • Install locks or sensors on doors, windows, and cabinets
  • Install window and door alarms as well as security cameras or baby monitors

Which Bosma Products Make a Difference

As parents ourselves, many of our home security products were made with your children in mind, and adapted for enhanced safety for children on the spectrum. At Bosma, we have created personal use home security products that work together to offer complete protection. Because our products are accessed using encrypted Wi-Fi, you can get notifications and access footage from wherever you are, in real time. Here’s how our security products can help your autistic child stay safer at home. 

Security Cameras

All of our cameras are great for child monitoring, and the CapsuleCam has been hailed as the best baby monitor on the market! We highly recommend our X1 or XC security cameras that can be paired with our window and door sensors as well as paired with Alexa for enhanced safety. To learn more about which one of our security cameras is the best option for you, read our other post on the topic.

Smart Door Lock

The Aegis smart lock is a smart home investment for anyone, but may be even more beneficial for those with children on the spectrum. When the door is unlocked or opened, you’ll be notified right away. You can set who has access to your home and who can open the door. In case of emergency, you can remote unlock your door, ensuring that you never get locked out with your child inside and EMS can enter if your autistic child is home with the sitter. 

Video Doorbell

The Sentry smart doorbell captures images and video footage of anyone who approaches your home, which is useful for detecting visitors as well as notifying you of an attempted elopement. For those with sensory sensitivity, you can silence the doorbell chime and simply get notifications to your paired smart device. 

Window and Door Sensors

Window and door sensors are by far one of the most useful Bosma products for the safety and security of children on the spectrum. You’ll get immediate notifications of when a doorway or window is opened. Because the window and door sensors work in tandem with the X1 or XC security camera, you’ll also be able to see what is happening and use the two-way real talk feature to respond in real-time. Use the window and door sensors on the exterior and interior doors, windows, and cabinets.  




Window/Door Sensors

Aegis Smart Lock

Sentry Smart Doorbell

How to Reduce Risk of Injury or Wandering

Prevent Unsafe Wandering

Secure Unsafe Areas

Two-Way Talk Communication

Real-Time Video Footage on Connect Smart Device

Sound and Motion Detection

Door and Window Open Detection

Sensory Sensitive Doorbell

Secure Smart Deadbolt For Exterior Doors

What People Are Saying

“Love this little guy. Works well right out of the box. Good deal for this price. The picture quality is quite well. I am able to see all details that I would like to see. I really appreciate the wide angle which is quite helpful for me to see the whole room. The motion is also well detected and there is no blur at all. The night vision is amazing. I am surprised to see the colors under night vision, much better than another monitor I got last year which cost more.I also like the design. Very portable and modern. The box looks great as well. Highly recommend it.” 

~ Ryan T. 

“At first, I wasn’t sure about the “Starlight” sensor that was advertised as I have never used a camera with color night vision. The Capsulecam’s implementation of the technology makes other security camera tech obsolete! Absolutely impressed with the build and quality. Highly Recommended!”

~ Ay

“I use this when we travel as a baby monitor and also set it up when we leave our children with a babysitter. Works great!”

~ Hayley

Safety For Autistic Children, Peace of Mind For Their Parents

Because Bosma security products work on WiFi, they are multi-purpose and can be accessed from nearly anywhere! Whether you’re at work or on the road, you can monitor your children at home.

Elopement/ Wandering

Elopement is by far the biggest concern for most parents of children on the spectrum and results in a loss of quality sleep. Get the peace of mind you need with Bosma window and door sensors, motion and sound detection cameras, and smart deadbolt. Rest easy knowing that Bosma products are looking out for your child.

Keep an Eye on Caregivers

Whether you have a respite caregiver, a tutor, or a variety of in-home therapists that work with your child, you can feel more comfortable knowing that you can keep an eye on your child and the caregiver. Use the two-way real talk feature to answer questions or help mediate escalating situations and behaviors.

Securing Dangerous Areas

You’ve spent a great deal of time securing unsafe objects and mitigating threats within your home. Help keep your autistic child safe from dangerous areas by using a window and door sensor to get alerts whether you’re home or away. Get notified if your child attempts to access the garage, pantry, laundry room, exit doors, and more.

Bosma is committed to keeping everyone in your home safe, which includes your autistic child. Bosma products do not require monthly service fees or installation charges. You can take your security devices anywhere you move, unlike other professionally installed devices that are hardwired into your home. Visit Bosma online to build a customized home security system that meets your family’s needs and allows you to keep your autistic child safe at home. 

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