How Bosma Products Support a Total Home Security System

At Bosma, we are proud to offer high-quality home security products to our customers that function as independent devices or work in tandem to offer heightened security features. For some clients, a single CapsuleCam may be all they need to use as the best baby monitor. However, most homes benefit from additional security measures that offer total protection and detection. In today’s post, we’ll review how Bosma home security products work together to offer total home security systems.

Aegis Deadbolt

The Aegis smart deadbolt offers homeowners security and convenience in one discrete package! Use as a stand-alone home entrance security device to control who accesses your home, all from your connected smart device. To boost the value and functionality of the Aegis door lock, pair it with Sentry smart doorbell to see who is at your door.

Sentry Doorbell

The Sentry smart doorbell offers homeowners peace of mind by being their eyes and ears of home entry. As a stand-alone product, it offers visualization of visitors at their doorstep, can detect packages and movement, real two-way communication, and complete device control through your smartphone. Pair your smart doorbell with the Aegis deadbolt for complete 

Bosma X1 

The X1 security camera is a stand alone camera that can function on its own or be paired with the Bosma window and door sensors, smart button and as part of a complete home security system that can be controlled through the Bosma app. Its Red-Dot Award-winning design features a sleek aluminum-alloy body that matches nearly any home decor. Place it in any room, but its super-wide field of view, color night vision, and advanced PIR motion sound detection make it ideal for large living spaces like the family or dining room.


Bosma XC

Smaller than the X1, but no less capable, the Bosma XC security camera offers stand-alone security monitoring or can be paired with other Bosma devices to provide more comprehensive security throughout your entire home. The wide-angle lens and panning capabilities, night vision, and motion and sound detection make it the perfect security solution just about anywhere. The Bosma XC security camera is also popular for use as a baby monitor.



The CapsuleCam is Bosma’s stand-alone security camera that is discrete and has been hailed as one of the best baby monitors on the market today. The CapsuleCam offers real two-way talk, infrared night-vision, motion detection, and a 162° still view. Place it anywhere and capture footage from anywhere; the CapsuleCam is a simple solution to boosting your home security. 


Smart Button 

The Bosma Smart Button is a doorbell that links directly to your connected smart device. Opt to silence the chime inside your home to decrease disturbances and get instant push notifications when the button is pressed. The Smart Button doubles as an emergency alert button when used inside the home. Let your senior loved one use it in case of falls or as an emergency to alert you that they need help, whether you are at home or work. The Smart Button works with the Bosma X1 indoor home security camera.


Window and Door Sensors


Because the front door is not the only exit or entry point in your home, we offer discrete window and door sensors that pair with your connected smart device and X1 or XC security camera to alert you when the seal is broken, meaning the window or door was opened. You can even use the sensors inside the home to be notified of a wandering senior, toddler, or pet to ensure total in-home safety. With the convenient features of the Bosma app, you can easily disable the sensor for freedom of movement or if you want to leave the window open. 


Bosma Assist

Bosma Assist is the perfect compliment to Bosma home security products. Bosma Assist is a subscription service that offers advanced features on some of the Bosma devices, including Sentry Video Doorbell. Packages include cloud storage, package detection, facial recognition, and more! At just $6.99 a month for the most comprehensive coverage, you can’t afford not to subscribe! Try a 6-month free trial when you pair your devices and subscribe. 

How Our Products Work Together to Offer the Total Home Security Experience

– The Ultimate Home Security Package –
The ultimate package for home security includes the Sentry video doorbell, Sentry smart doorbell, and a Bosma Assist subscription. This offers you complete remote control over the entry point of your home from wherever you are. With PIR motion detection, video messaging, door ajar alert, auto lock and unlock, event recording, package detection, active theft prevention, cloud storage and video playback, facial recognition, and a virtual assistant, you can rest easy knowing that your home is secure

Sentry Video Doorbell

Aegis Smart Deadbolt

Bosma Assist

Video Monitoring Home Security Package

Use the video monitoring option to keep an eye on what’s happening inside your home from wherever you are. Pair the Bosma X1 or XC camera with window and door sensors to get notified of movement within the home, and with panning capabilities, if the window or door sensors are triggered. Mount a camera in every room and pair with window and door sensors on every entry point. Use the Smart Button as a doorbell or an emergency alert button. When paired with the Bosma security cameras, it offers two-way talk communication and video event capturing.

Bosma X1 and/or XC Camera(s) + 

Window/ Door Sensors and/or Smart Button

Pair our video monitoring home security system products with the ultimate home security package for complete home coverage. Add as many Bosma devices as you want or your internet connection can support to cover your entire home. Bosma offers total home security. Browse our entire product line online today!