Tips For Increasing Your Security in Your Smart Home

As AI technology continues to make our lives easier and our homes smarter, it also increases vulnerabilities and insecurities. Your smart home security system is no different — there will always be vulnerabilities. The good news is that as a smart homeowner, you can mitigate most of the risks and keep your home safe and smart. In today’s post, we will offer a few suggestions for keeping your home more secure when using smart devices. 

Understanding the Security Risks

Before we jump right into what you can do to reduce system insecurities, you should understand the risks and where they originate. It is convenient to control the temperature of each room in your home as well as turning the lights on and off, all while watching on a home security camera. However, these apps are all controlled on your smart device over wireless internet, which means that it has the potential to be hacked if not properly protected. 

Tips For Protecting Your Smart Home Security System

Protect Your Network

Protecting your Internet of Things (IoT) on your network is the first step to protecting your entire home in general, with or without a security system. Make sure your network is password protected and limited to just those who need it. You can also set up VLANs to prevent an open network where your PC can be accessed.

Update Regularly

All smart devices should be updated regularly and as recommended by the manufacturer. When firmware updates are available, be sure to install them as soon as possible and keep anti-virus software updated. Software and firmware updates will ensure the device remains protected and can identify vulnerabilities or attempted hacks.

Use Passwords

Password, pins, and multi-factor authentication are the keys to your smart devices — use them. Never use the default password and reset passwords regularly. Don’t use predictable passwords and never write them down. While it may be a pain, it’s like the lock on your door, it only works when engaged.

Limit Account Access

Smart devices and apps make it easy to share controls with those who need it. However, just like the actual keys to your home, it’s important to keep strict inventory over the virtual keys to your home as well! Limit those who have access to controls to those who need it, and change passwords and settings once they no longer require access.

Boost Encryption

Always use the highest level of encryption on every device and use an additional firewall between networks and devices. Bosma devices and app use the strongest encryption available to avoid hacking or vulnerability when connected to public networks.

How Bosma Helps Keep Your Home Security System Secure

Bosma is proud to offer a smart home security system that is truly smart. 

  • Fingerprint access on Aegis Smart Lock
  • Bank-grade AES128 encryption
  • Guest Access
  • Compatibility with Google, Alexa, and IFTTT
  • Full Bosma IT Support
  • Regular firmware updates

We use the technology behind the scenes to keep you secure at home.

At Bosma, we are committed to providing secure home security to every homeowner and renter. To ensure that our products keep you safe and enhance your security, we have an obligation to educate our customers on how to mitigate threats to their networks and keep control over the devices and apps that you depend on. To learn more about our products and the security technology they use to keep you safe, browse all of our smart home security system products online today!