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Detection Mode

Detection Mode Settings Detection Mode setting may be adjusted to reduce false alarm rate on your EX/EX Pro.Note: Detection Mode requires EX/EX Pro firmware version or above 1. Enter EX/EX Pro Settings Enter the settings page of your EX/EX Pro, and tap on “Detection Mode” 2. Choose a Detection Mode Choose a Detection Mode. …

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Installation and WiFi

Device Installation and Wi-Fi Settings If you wish to revisit the camera installation guide, or adjust your Wi-Fi settings, you can do it here. 1. Installation and Wi-Fi Settings You can revisit your Bosma device’s installation guide, as well as adjust any Wi-Fi settings here.

Indicator Light

Camera Indicator Light Settings The camera indicator light can be turned On or Off. 1. Indicator Light You can turn on or off your Bosma device’s indicator light here. Tap on the icon to adjust the setting. 2. Indicator Light On/Off If you wish to turn off the indicator light, tap on “Turn off“. You …

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Recording Schedule Settings

Recording Schedule Settings You can also set a recording schedule for your Bosma devices. This lets your camera to record during a specified time period. This guide shows how to adjust these settings. 1. Recording Schedule You can also adjust for the time when event-triggered recording is in effect. Tap on “Recording Schedule” icon to …

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Siren Settings

Siren Settings The Bosma EX Series can sound a siren when activities are detected. You can adjust siren volume and duration. You can also enable Auto-siren which will sound the siren automatically if one of your selected events (motion, loitering, etc.) is triggered.  1. Enter EX/EX Pro Settings Enter the settings page of your EX/EX …

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