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Break-in Detection

Break-in Detection Break-in Detection is a unique security feature on the Aegis Smart Door Lock. Break-in attempts which will trigger an automatic siren and notifies you immediately on your mobile device. 1. Enter Aegis Home Page On the Bosma App homepage, tap on your Aegis to enter Aegis’s home page. Note: Please make sure that …

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Auto Lock

Auto Lock Auto Lock is one of the most popular and convenient features of the Aegis Door Lock. Auto Lock will automatically lock the door when you close the door, so you don’t have to take out your key or phone to lock the door when you leave home. Auto Lock requires Aegis to be …

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Auto Unlock

Auto Unlock Auto Unlock is one of the most popular and convenient features of the Aegis Door Lock. As you return home from far away (more than 600ft/200m) with your phone on you, Auto Unlock would try to unlock the door automatically when you walk up to the door (about 20ft/6m). Auto Unlock requires that …

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Detection Mode

Detection Mode Settings Detection Mode setting may be adjusted to reduce false alarm rate on your EX/EX Pro.Note: Detection Mode requires EX/EX Pro firmware version or above 1. Enter EX/EX Pro Settings Enter the settings page of your EX/EX Pro, and tap on “Detection Mode” 2. Choose a Detection Mode Choose a Detection Mode. …

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Installation and WiFi

Device Installation and Wi-Fi Settings If you wish to revisit the camera installation guide, or adjust your Wi-Fi settings, you can do it here. 1. Installation and Wi-Fi Settings You can revisit your Bosma device’s installation guide, as well as adjust any Wi-Fi settings here.