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Auto Lock

Auto Lock

Auto Lock is one of the most popular and convenient features of the Aegis Door Lock. Auto Lock will automatically lock the door when you close the door, so you don’t have to take out your key or phone to lock the door when you leave home.

Auto Lock requires Aegis to be correctly calibrated. If you’re having trouble calibrating Aegis, please refer to this FAQ.

1. Enter Aegis Home Page

On the Bosma App homepage, tap on your Aegis to enter Aegis’s home page.

Note: Please make sure that you have already set up Aegis on your account

Note: Aegis does NOT necessarily need to be online for Auto Lock to work.

2. Enter Aegis Settings

Tap the Gear ⚙️ icon at the top right corner to enter Aegis settings.

Note: Please make sure that [1] your Aegis has been calibrated (i.e. you can see open/closed & locked/unlocked status on this page) and [2] calibration status is correct (i.e. the app shows “Closed” when the door is indeed closed”). You can refer to this video tutorial on how to calibrate Aegis.

Note: Auto Lock is a firmware-based feature, i.e. to enable or disable Auto Lock, your phone must be physically close to the Aegis lock, and connected to it via Bluetooth (i.e. seeing the “Bluetooth Connected” symbol shown in green square).

3. Enter Auto Lock settings

In Aegis settings, tap “Auto-Lock” to enter Auto Lock settings

4. Enable Auto Lock

Tap “Turn on” to enable Auto Lock

Note: Auto Lock always locks the door immediately after the door is closed.

Note: If Auto Lock does not auto-locks the door when the door is closed, please check the door’s open/closed status on the Aegis home page. If your door is closed but the status shows the door as open, please recalibrate your Aegis.

5. Adjust Auto Relock Delay

Auto Relock: When Auto Lock is enabled, if the door is unlocked but stays closed for 30 seconds (by default), Aegis will automatically re-lock the door. Auto Relock prevents the security risk of accidentally leaving your door unlocked.

Sometimes you may want to adjust the Auto Relock delay after enabling Auto Lock. For example, you are driving home and Auto Unlock unlocks your door right after you enter the garage, but you may need more than 30 seconds to exit the car, take out the grocery from the trunk, then open the door. In this case, you can increase Auto Relock delay to e.g. 90 seconds so the door is not auto re-locked before you open it.


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