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Remote Access

Remote Access

Aegis allows you to unlock and lock your door from anywhere in the world, at anytime with a simple tap on your phone. You can let your family, guests, or babysitters into your home while you’re away.

With remote access, you will also be able to check the door status, receive door lock notifications such as Door Ajar Alerts, and check Activity History while you’re away. 

Note: Remote Access requires that your Aegis is paired with either a Gateway or a Sentry doorbell for internet access.

1. Enter Aegis Home Page

On the Bosma App homepage, tap on your Aegis to enter Aegis’s home page.

Note: Please make sure that you have already set up Aegis on your account

Note: Aegis MUST be online for remote access to work.

2. Lock Or Unlock With One Tap

Tap the center button to lock or unlock your door.

Note: Please make sure that [1] your Aegis has been calibrated (i.e. you can see open/closed & locked/unlocked status on this page) and [2] calibration status is correct (i.e. the app shows “Closed” when the door is indeed closed”). You can refer to this video tutorial on how to calibrate Aegis.

Note: Please make sure that Aegis is online (the Wi-Fi icon is solid white).

Troubleshooting Internet Connection

1. Aegis Offline

If you see that Aegis is “offline” on the app home screen, or the Wi-Fi icon shows a red cross on the Aegis home screen, it indicates that the Gateway or Sentry doorbell that Aegis is paired with is offline.

Solution: Please check that the paired Gateway or Sentry is powered and close to Aegis. Please also check that the paired device is not too far from the router. If the issue persists, try unpairing and resetting the paired device, and pair it with Aegis again.

2. Aegis Not Paired

If you do not see an “online”/”offline” status on the app home screen, or the Wi-Fi icon is dark, it indicates that your Aegis is not paired with a Gateway or Sentry doorbell.

Solution: Please pair your Aegis with either a Gateway or a Sentry doorbell for internet access.

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