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How to sign up for Bosma Assist

When you are ready to sign up for a Bosma Assist subscription you will just need to follow a few simple steps in the Bosma app.
Please note that you are only able to sign up for Bosma Assist in the app and not through the website Although your information is secure Before signing up please make sure that you have read over the “What is Bosma Assist” article and fully understand its features and your devices compatibility. Once you register for Bosma Assist you will be unable to have the subscription refunded. 
Getting started: 
1) Open the Bosma App to the home page
2) Click on “Bosma Assist” tab (it should be located under the Common features section) 
3) Tap on “store” (it has a yellow logo)
You can then choose your subscription plan that best fits your needs. Please note that once you complete your check out this will be a final purchase, although you can choose to cancel the renewal at any time, please see the “How to cancel your Bosma assist subscription article” for assistance with cancelling any ongoing subscription. 
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