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Activity Zone

Activity Zone

The Activity Zone is a feature built to reduce false alarms. An Activity Zone defines an area in the camera’s view where you wish to monitor. If at least one Activity Zone is present, the camera will only detect events within the Activity Zones. Events that happen outside of the Activity Zones are ignored.

You may add up to 3 Activity Zones. Currently, Activity Zone is supported on the EX and EX Pro cameras.

1. To Edit Activity Zones

On the Bosma App homepage, tap on “Devices” and tap on the Gear Icon next to your device.

2. Tap "Event Detection"

3. Tap "Activity Zone"

4. Edit Activity Zones

Once you tapped on “Activity Zone”, the camera’s live view will appear. You can:

  • Add a zone by tapping on the “+” icon, set a name for the new zone, and draw a box anywhere to set a specific zone of detection.
  • Edit a zone by dragging the edge or corner of any existing zone.
  • Save edits to a zone by tapping the “Check” button, or tap anywhere on the screen outside of the currently selected zone.
  • Delete a zone by tapping a zone and tap the “Trash” button to delete it.

You may add up to 3 Activity Zones. Once you finish editing, tap on the “back arrow” at the top left corner to exit Activity Zone settings.

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