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Anti-theft Settings

Anti-Theft Alert

One major concern of outdoor security cameras is that it may not continue recording if unplugged by an intruder.
The EX Series solves that by incorporating a small backup battery. If the EX Series is unplugged and tampered with, it can automatically trigger a 120dB siren while sending you a notification. Additionally, it will continue recording with the backup battery, so you can still catch the intruder on camera.

1. Enter EX/EX Pro Settings

Enter the settings page of your EX/EX Pro, and tap on “Anti-theft Alert”

2. Turning on Anti-theft Alert

If this feature is turned on, your EX/EX Pro will sound a siren and send you a notification via the Bosma App if the camera is moved or power is lost. 

It is recommended to turn this feature on to prevent any unwanted tampering of your EX/EX Pro.

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