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Device Firmware Update

Keeping your Bosma Device Up To Date

To ensure the best user experience, it is highly recommended to check for firmware updates before adjusting any settings of your device.

This guide provides you with the steps on how to update your Bosma device’s firmware.

1. Select your Device to check for Firmware Updates

On the Bosma App homepage, tap on “Devices” and tap on the Gear Icon next to your device.

2. Checking for New Firmware Version

Scroll down to find “Firmware Update”.

If a newer version of the firmware is available, a little Red Dot will appear in the  “Firmware Update” tab. 

3. Confirming Firmware Update

Tap on “UPDATE NOW” to start the firmware update process.

You may also tap on “Release Notes” to check the firmware changelog.

4. Firmware Update in Progress

This process might take a few minutes.

Please do not close the Bosma App, and make sure that your Bosma device stays powered

5. Firmware Update Successful!

Once the update is completed, please press the “Back” arrow on the top left corner.

5. Your Device is now up to Date!

Check that the firmware version has been updated. You can now enjoy the latest features from the update.

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