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Siren Settings

Siren Settings

The Bosma EX Series can sound a siren when activities are detected. You can adjust siren volume and duration. You can also enable Auto-siren which will sound the siren automatically if one of your selected events (motion, loitering, etc.) is triggered. 

1. Enter EX/EX Pro Settings

Enter the settings page of your EX/EX Pro, and tap on “Siren”

2. Auto-Siren (1)

The camera can turn on its siren automatically when certain events are detected. To enable Auto-siren, tap on the “Automatic Siren” button.

3. Auto-Siren (2)

To turn on this feature, tap on “Turn on“. Then, select the types of events that you wish to trigger the siren.

Please also make sure that the selected event types have been enabled in camera settings.

4. Siren Settings

Tap on “Siren Settings” to adjust your siren’s volume and duration.

5. Siren Settings

Use the slider to adjust siren’s volume and duration. These settings will be applied to all manual or event-triggered sirens.

You can also test your settings by tapping on “TEST SIREN” button. Note: the siren may be very loud and may frighten people.

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