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Video/Audio Settings

Video/Audio, Indicator Light and Device/Wi-Fi Settings

This guide provides instructions on how to adjust video/audio settings for your Bosma device.

1. Video & Audio Settings.

You can adjust settings for your Bosma device’s video/audio settings here

2. Camera ON/OFF

Toggle between ON/OFF if you wish to turn off your Bosma device without triggering an alarm/siren.

3. Color Night Vision

You can turn on the Color Night Vision feature to see colored image in low-light environment. 

If this feature is turned off you will see black-and-white images in low-light environment. 

4. Image Orientation

You can adjust the image/video orientation using the options here.

5. Image Parameters

You can adjust for image/video parameters, such as brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness. 

Simply use the slider to adjust for the desired settings.

6. Speaker Volume

You can adjust the volume of the device’s speaker here.

Simply use the slider to adjust for desired volume levels.

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