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Bosma X1 Kit

35% OFF

X1 Security Camera

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XC Indoor Camera


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CapsuleCam Security Camera

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I purchased the Bosma X1 for my spare bedroom two years ago and I simply "LOVE" the camera! The picture quality is better than my Ring Doorbell and ADT cameras. I am highly impressed!

Kim C.

X1 Owner

I ordered this product to use as a dog monitor. I've only had this product for a few days, and was really impressed with the quality of the image. The quality of the image is good, even in the dark. 


CapsuleCam Owner

I had a camera (from a different company) for a while and sent that one back.
The Bosma X1 camera is the best in my opinion. Very clear picture and I love all the features that comes with this camera. Very easy setup !!!


X1 Owner

I use this when we travel as a baby monitor and also set it up when we leave our children with a babysitter. Works great!


CapsuleCam Owner

Easy setup with mobile app. Surprisingly good video quality, sound & motion detection works pretty well. I use it to monitor cats, every meow is captured :). Great product!


X1 Owner

Love this little guy. Works well right out of the box. Good deal for this price... I also like the design. Very portable and modern. The box looks great as well. Highly recommend it.

Ryan T

CapsuleCam Owner

Small But Mighty


Small, discreet, and won’t clash with mom’s decor! The CapsuleCam offers many of the benefits of our other cameras in a pint-size package.

Ideal for homes with pets or babies.

  • Color Night Vision: Display full-color video in low-light situations.

  • See More: Still-view offers a 162° super-wide-angle.

  • Two-way Audio: Communicate with your loved ones at home, anytime, anywhere

  • Mountable: Set it on a table or mount it on a wall.

Offer valid for CapsuleCam or CapsuleCam-S

Get More Camera For Less


The Bosma XC indoor home security camera features everything that mom is looking for in an interior security camera.

The XC’s wide lens is perfect for coverage of larger rooms and living areas.

  • Super Wide Angle: Wide 138° camera lens with 360° panning to capture a broader view

  • Motion & Sound Detection: Keen motion detection in any environment provided by the video motion detector

  • Two-way Audio: Communicate with your loved ones at home, anytime, anywhere

  • Local Storage: Local Storage: Micro-SD card local storage up to 128GB (Not Included)

Offer valid for XC or XC With Smart Hub and 2 Door Sensors

See More Where It Matters Most


Get a wider view of your home with the wide-angle lens on the X1 indoor home security camera. 360° panning capability leaves no blind spots in your home and allows you to keep an eye on everything in your home, regardless of whether you’re home or not.

When what’s inside your home matters, protect it the X1, our most advanced security camera.


  • Advanced Motion Detection feature reduces false alarms.

  • 1080p Video with Local Storage (micro SD)

  • Detailed Color Night Vision allows you to see clearly, day or night.

  • Real two-way audio allows you to hear everything and speak through the camera as though you were on the telephone.

  • Features built-in 110dB Siren to scare off intruders.

  • Still view offers a 156° super-wide angle with 360° panning capabilities.

Offer valid for all variations of the X1 and X1 Lite

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