Bosma Aegis Smart Door Lock (Coming Soon)


Available on: May 1, 2020
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Automatic Locking & Unlocking

Coming home with groceries on both hands? No problem! Aegis automatically unlocks the door as you return home, so you don’t have to fumble for your keys or even take out your phone anymore.

When the door is closed, Aegis automatically locks the door for you, so the door would never be left open unintentionally.

Door Ajar Alert

Aegis can detect whether the door is fully closed. If the door is left ajar, it sends you a notification as a reminder.

With its built-in 9-axis sensor, Aegis can detect door orientation with high accuracy, without the need to install an external sensor on the door frame.

Works with Bosma Sentry

The Bosma Sentry Video Doorbell has an optional fingerprint add-on module that works with the Bosma Aegis lock. The fingerprint module enables you to unlock the door with a touch of your finger, so you don’t need to bring a key… or your phone!

The fingerprint module also connects Aegis to internet, allowing you to remotely lock and unlock the door on your phone, change lock settings, and manage family and guest access.

Advanced Security

Aegis can detect lock-picking attempts, and it will automatically play a warning sound to scare off the intruder and send you a notification.

The communication between Aegis and your phone or the internet is secured with AES-128 encryption. Aegis also applies randomized tokens to prevent replay attacks. With Aegis, you can rest assured that no one can gain unauthorized access to your lock.

You can also check the Activity History to see who’s coming and going, so you can make sure there’s no uninvited guests.

Simple Installation

Aegis is compatible with most standard US single-cylinder deadbolts. You only need to remove the existing thumb-latch, fix the provided base plate, then attach Aegis on the plate, all done within minutes.

Because Aegis only replaces the indoor part of your existing deadbolt, it is especially suitable for home renters who may not be able to change the existing locks.

Additional information

Weight7 oz
Dimensions3.5 × 3.5 × 2.5 in

4 AA Batteries (included)


Requires the "Bosma" app. Available on App Store and Google Play.


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