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Home Security Made Simple

This indoor home security camera is small but mighty, offering many of the benefits of our other cameras in pint-size packaging! For home security made simple, we offer a small, easy-to-mount, camera that is made for easy setup and a continuous watchful eye. 


  • Detailed full-color night vision offers clear images in the dark. 
  • Real two-way audio allows you to talk and listen to those in your home from your phone.
  • Still-view offers a 162° super-wide-angle.
  • Set it on a table or mount it on a wall.  

Get a Pulse on Your Home Anytime, From Anywhere!

When what’s in your home matters, you want to ensure it is safe, no matter where you are. With the help of the Bosma CapsuleCam indoor security camera, you can watch live recording and get instant notifications to your phone anytime, from anywhere. Whether you want to keep an eye on your kids or pets or you simply want to make sure your home is safe while you’re away, this little camera packs a big punch. Many Bosma customers have discovered this is the perfect baby monitor! 


    • Infrared Night Vision
    • Image-Based Motion Detection 
    • Includes Power Adapter, Wall Mount Base Plate, Mounting Screws, and Quick Start Guide 

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Watch live recording and get instant notifications, anytime, anywhere · Live Video
· Motion Detection
· Sound Detection
Remote Access

162° Super Wide Angle

One camera that covers an entire room with no blind spot
Wider View Capsulecam

Color Night Vision

Captures vivid color images, even in low-light environment

Small and Versatile

Place it anywhere in your home

On the Table
On the Wall

Two-way Audio

Talk and listen to your loved ones at home from your phone

CapsuleCam in the Press


1920 * 1080

Frame Rate

25 FPS (CapsuleCam)
20 FPS (CapsuleCam-S)

Field of View

162° (CapsuleCam)
138° (CapsuleCam-S)

Night Vision

Infrared Night Vision w/ 1 IR-LED
Color Night Vision (CapsuleCam)

Motion Detection

Image-based motion detection


Half-duplex two-way audio


Up to 90dB volume


DC 5V 2A (Adapter included)


micro SD up to 128GB (micro SD card sold separately)


802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz (does not support 5GHz)
WPA, WPA2 encryption
Minimum 2Mbps upload speed required


4.8oz (CapsuleCam)
2.6oz (CapsuleCam-S)


2.7'' (L) x 2.7'' (W) x 3.1'' (H)

Operating Temperature

14°F ~ 122°F

Weather Resistance

Indoor Use Only






1-year limited warranty




Free "BOSMA" app available on Google Play and App Store

In the Box

– BOSMA CapsuleCam Security Camera x 1
– Power Adapter x 1
– Micro USB Cable, 6ft x 1
– Wall Mount Base Plate x 1
– Mounting Screws x 2
– Quick Start Guide x 1

1 review for Bosma CapsuleCam

  1. corrie dickens

    Great color night vision (when it’ll stay on). Surprisingly crisp, clear pictures & videos. Very quick & easy to set up. The app needs a little work, & it would be nice if it recorded for as long as there’s movement, not just from when it initially senses movement then only records for one minute, every time, no matter what. That’s why I gave it only four stars & not five. Overall, great camera for what I needed it for. I would & have recommend to friends.

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(1) Download the “Bosma” app, create a new account or log in.

(2) Power on the CapsuleCam. Wait until you hear “system startup” and “waiting for connection.” If you don’t hear these messages, reset the camera.

(3) On the app home screen, tap the “+” button at the top right corner, and select “CapsuleCam Series”. Then follow the in-app instructions to complete the setup of your home security camera.

If you have any issue during the setup process, please contact customer support.

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First, make sure that your CapsuleCam indoor home security camera is connected to power. Pull up the main camera body, and at the bottom of the camera body you should see a pinhole with a “RESET” text at its right. The reset button is located within the pinhole. Push a pin into the pinhole and hold until you hear “system reset.” After approximately 30 seconds, the CapsuleCam should power up again and you should hear “system startup” and “waiting for connection.” You can now set up the CapsuleCam in the app again.

Please make sure that you heard “system reset” after long-pressing the reset button, and that you heard “system startup” and “waiting for connection” later. If one of these messages was not heard, please customer support.

(1) Steady Blue: Connected. Everything is fine.

(2) Slow Blinking Blue: Powering up or waiting to be set up. If you have not set up the CapsuleCam indoor security camera before, please set up the CapsuleCam in the app. If you have set up the CapsuleCam before but recently restarted it, please wait for approximately 30 seconds and it should automatically reconnect to the existing WiFi.

(3) Fast Blinking Blue: Reconnecting to an existing WiFi hotspot. This may happen when you have set up the CapsuleCam but it can no longer find the WiFi hotspot (either because the WiFi name/password was changed, or the camera/router was moved to another location so the signal was lost). If this is the case, please reset the CapsuleCam security camera and set it up in the app again.

You should find a micro SD card slot located at the side of the camera body. Push the SD card all the way in with its metal strips facing towards the back of the security camera, until you hear that it clicks into place. To remove the SD card, push the SD card in slightly, and it should eject from the slot.

Note: if you inserted an SD card while the device is powered, you would need to restart (power off then on again) the device for the SD card to be recognized.

To restart the CapsuleCam, simply unplug the home security camera from its power source, and plug it in again.

(1) Download the latest firmware for CapsuleCam | CapsuleCam-S using these links.

(2) Unzip the files and copy the 5 files to the root folder of a micro SD card (Please make sure that the SD card is formatted to FAT32).

(3) Insert the micro SD card into the CapsuleCam security camera (please see, “where is the SD card slot?”), and restart the home security camera.

(4) Wait for approximately 2 minutes. When you hear “system startup” and “waiting for connection,” the firmware update is successful.

(5) Please remember to unmount the SD card and delete the 5 files before using it in the CapsuleCam security camera. Otherwise the CapsuleCam will automatically enter firmware update status every time it restarts.

(1) On the QR code scan page on your app. Use the security camera to scan the QR code on your phone. Make sure that you have heard the camera say “WiFi is connecting” before tapping the “I heard ‘Wi-Fi is connecting’” button.

(2) Ensure that the WiFi hotspot you selected is 2.4Ghz. 5Ghz WiFi is not supported.

(3) Ensure that the WiFi hotspot uses WPA or WPA2 security.

(4) Double check to make sure that the password is correct.

If the issue persists, please contact customer support

If the camera does not scan the QR code on your phone during the setup process, please try the following:

  1. Make sure that you heard the camera say “waiting for connection” at least once. If not, reset the camera.
  2. Place your phone about 4 inches in front of the camera lens, holding it upright and stationary for at least 3 seconds. If you do not hear “WiFi connecting,” move your phone closer or further away from the security camera lens and hold it again.
  3. Turn your phone’s screen brightness to 100%.
  4. Make sure that the WiFi name and password are not too long. It is recommended to keep them under 16 characters. Longer text makes the QR code more complex, and due to the camera’s distortion, it may not recognize a complex QR code.

If the issue persists, please contact customer support.