PIR Motion Detector Module for Sentry Video Doorbell


The Passive Infrared (PIR) motion detector module is meant to be paired with the Sentry Video Doorbell to reduce the likelihood of false alarms caused by random movements such as passing cars. 


  • Only detects heat sources to reduce false motion alarms from passing cars.
  • Long-range of about 20 ft allows you to know about an approach long before a person reaches your porch.
  • Attaches securely to the Sentry Video Doorbell.

Reduce False Alarms By Your Video Doorbell

The infrared motion detector connects directly to the Sentry Video Doorbell to notify you of a visitor long before they ring the doorbell. Get notification about anyone approaching your doorway who does not intend to ring the doorbell, including delivery persons or thieves. Because the PIR sensor works by sensing heat, it reduces false alarms of moving inanimate objects. 


  •  Included in every Sentry Video Doorbell order
  •  Only works with Sentry Video Doorbell

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  • Must be attached to the Sentry Video Doorbell (This item is included in any Sentry order).
  • Enables Advanced Motion Detection and LED light features.

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