Bosma Sentry Video Doorbell

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  • 1080p video with 180° Super Wide Angle
  • Advanced Motion Detection
  • Real 2-way Audio
  • Voice Message
  • Color Night Vision
  • Integrated Hub
  • Cloud & Local Storage
  • Built-in 100dB Siren
  • Facial Recognition
  • Package Detection & Theft Prevention
  • Hardwired. Requires 8-24V AC doorbell wiring without chime (16-24V with chime). 30VA or above.

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Sentry: The Most Advanced Doorbell

Never miss a visitor

Get instantly notified when someone rings your doorbell. See and talk to your guest from your phone like a video call with Real 2-way Audio.

Busy or missed the notification? No worries. Sentry can automatically play a prerecorded voice message to your guest, and have them leave a voice message to you too.

No more false alarms

Tired of seeing false motion alerts from drive-by cars, swaying twigs, moving shadows? Sentry uses Advanced Motion Detection to only capture motion of people, so you will only receive notifications that are relevant. 

Color Night Vision

Monitor your front door in vivid color and clarity, even at night.

You can also switch back to regular black-and-white night vision.

Local & Cloud Storage

The choice is yours! You can choose to store video clips on the cloud for up to 30 days(1), or store them locally with a micro SD card up to 128GB(2)… or both!

(1) Bosma Asisst subscription required

(2) Micro SD card sold separately

Advanced AI Security*

You should not need to constantly check alerts on your phone to see what’s going on. It’s 2020 already – let the AI do it for you.

* Bosma Assist subscription required

Facial Recognition

Always know whether it’s a stranger or a familiar person at the door with Sentry’s Facial Recognition.

Package Detection

When a package is delivered to your door, Sentry will automatically notify you, so you don’t need to worry about when your packages are delivered.

Active Theft Prevention

Sentry protects your packages when you’re away. When Sentry detects that someone is stealing your package, it can automatically sound its built-in 100dB siren to scare off the thief.
Why do I need Active Theft Prevention?

According to statistics, one in every four people have reported being a victim of package theft, and among the reported cases, a staggering 90% of them remain unsolved.

Many people install video doorbells to watch over their packages. However, most video doorbells only record the event and send you a notification when package theft happens. If you do not immediately respond to the notification, your package will be stolen anyway, and it’s unlikely that you will get it back even if you report the case with the recorded video.

Therefore, instead of being reactive and always requiring your attention, Sentry takes a more proactive approach to prevent package thefts. When Sentry detects that someone is stealing your package, it can automatically sound its built-in 100dB siren to scare off the thief. Sentry protects your packages when you’re away, so you don’t need to stay alert for package notifications anymore


Connect Sentry with Bosma Aegis smart lock and many other peripheral sensors to build a truly smart home.

Unlock your door with fingerprint*

Sentry can attach a fingerprint module that works with the BOSMA Aegis smart lock to enable fingerprint access to your door.

The fingerprint module also allows you to remotely unlock the door for your guests or family members and manage guest access.

* Sentry Fingerprint module required

Smart Hub

Sentry also integrates a hub that works with other Bosma peripheral sensors and lights, such as the Bosma door sensor that notifies you when a door or window in your home opens.

A Better Doorbell Overall

  • Bosma Sentry
  • Ring Doorbell 3
  • Nest Hello
  • Arlo Doorbell
1Bosma SentryRing Doorbell 3Nest HelloArlo Doorbell
Resolution1920 x 10801920 x 10801600 x 12001536 x 1536
Field of View180°160°160°180°
2-way Audio
Voice Message
Motion DetectionAdvanced Motion DetectionRegular Motion DetectionRegular Motion DetectionRegular Motion Detection
Night VisionBlack-and-white & Color Night VisionBlack-and-whiteBlack-and-whiteBlack-and-white
Facial Recognition
Package Detection
Active Theft Prevention
Fingerprint Access
Smart Hub
StorageCloud & LocalCloudCloudCloud
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1920 * 1080

Frame Rate

25 FPS

Field of View

180° Diagonal



Night Vision

Infrared Night Vision w/ 4 IR-LEDs
Color Night Vision

Motion Sensor

PIR, up to 20ft


Full-duplex two-way audio


Up to 100dB volume


1x LED


Hardwired: AC 8-24V (no chime)/16-24V (with chime), 30VA or above
Micro USB: DC 5V 2A, 10W


915MHz, up to 650ft range


Local: micro SD up to 128GB (micro SD card sold separately)
Cloud: Rolling 7/30 days event recording(requires Bosma Assist subscription)


802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz (does not support 5GHz)
WPA, WPA2 encryption
Minimum 2Mbps upload speed required


6 oz


5''(L) x 2.4''(W) x 1.2''(H)

Operating Temperature

14°F ~ 122°F (-10°C ~ 50°C)

Weather Resistance





Aluminum Alloy


1-year limited warranty




Free "BOSMA" app available on Google Play and App Store

In the Box

– BOSMA Sentry Video Doorbell x 1
– Phillips Screwdriver x 1
– Drill Bit x 1
– Screw x 4
– Anchor x 4
– Tamperproof Screw x 1
– Installation Sticker x 1
– Quick Start Guide x 1

3 reviews for Bosma Sentry Video Doorbell

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  2. C Dang

    Very easy to get both products installed and came with some basic tools to get the Aegis smart lock installed in no time! The app UI was very fluid and did not give me any issues during my set-up.
    The Sentry doorbell is extremely helpful when my niece/nephew are asleep and someone is at the door. The talk feature is very useful for our food/package deliveries during Covid-19 and it allows us to acknowledge the delivery. The live view and sound were clear through my Android phone. The Sentry could record voice mails for visitors who stopped by while you were away.
    The Aegis deadbolt lock is an excellent smartlock that is secured yet smart enough to allows me to unlock my door without ever having to take my phone out. It also gives me peace of mind as I can check through the Bosma app to see if my deadbolt is locked and secured at any time.
    All in all, 5 out of 5 stars for this combo! Will be telling my friends and family about this. Highly recommended to all.

  3. emily

    this Video Doorbell has been a wonderful addition to our home. It allows me to see visitors on my cell phone before they get to our front door. It also allows me to talk to them while they stand there
    i really recommend it

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