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Get a wider view of your home with the wide-angle lens on the X1 indoor home security camera. This 360° security camera leaves no blind spots in your home and allows you to keep an eye on everything in your home, regardless of whether you’re home or not.


  • Advanced Motion Detection feature reduces false alarms.
  • Detailed Color Night Vision allows you to see clearly, day or night.
  • Real two-way audio allows you to hear everything and speak through the camera as though you were on the telephone.
  • Features built-in 110dB Siren to scare off intruders.
  • Still view offers a 156° super-wide angle with 360° panning capabilities.

When what’s inside your home matters, protect it with the most advanced technology in smart home security systems and our wide-angle security camera. Keep an eye on the kids or pets from the other room or the office, and monitor your empty home while you’re away with this motion sensor security camera. Protect your home from accidents and intruders, and monitor the situation remotely. The two-way real-time audio allows you to talk to family members in your home when you aren’t there. When it comes to home security, trust the 360° WiFi camera that’s both affordable and optimized.


  •  1080p Video with Local Storage (micro SD)
  •  Advanced Motion Detection with PIR Sensor — up to 20ft
  •  Includes Power Adapter and Quick Start Guide


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Your home is protected

Even while you're away

156° Super Wide Angle

Capture a broader view with X1’s Super Wide Angle lens

360° Panning

Leave no blind spot in your home

Color Night Vision

This wide-angle night vision security camera captures vivid color images, even in low-light environment

Advanced Motion Detection

Tired of the endless false alarms from your security camera? Bosma X1 uses an advanced PIR motion detector to only detect motion of people and animals, eliminating false alarms caused by moving shadows, lights, etc. 

Real 2-way Audio

Talk and listen to your loved ones at home like a regular phone call. No more walkie-talkie style communication.

Stylish Design

Red Dot Award winning premium aluminum alloy exterior finish that fits well into your home decor.

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Integrated Smart Hub

This WiFi motion sensor camera works with peripheral devices, e.g. the Bosma door/window sensor, to provide you with additional security and convenience.

A Better Camera Overall

Bosma X1 Nest Cam Indoor Arlo Q Canary View
Aluminum Alloy
Field of View
Real 2-way Audio
✓ (with subscription)
Motion Detection
Advanced Motion Detection
Regular Motion Detection
Regular Motion Detection
Regular Motion Detection
Night Vision
Black-and-white & Color Night Vision
Integrated Hub
Local (up to 128GB)
Cloud (3-hour)
Cloud (7-day)
Cloud (1-day)

1920 * 1080

Frame Rate

25 FPS

Field of View






Night Vision

Infrared Night Vision w/ 6 IR-LEDs
Color Night Vision

Motion Sensor

PIR, up to 20ft


Full-duplex two-way audio


Up to 110dB volume


DC 5V 2A (Adapter included)

Smart Hub

915MHz, up to 650ft range


micro SD up to 128GB (micro SD card sold separately)


802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz (does not support 5GHz)
WPA, WPA2 encryption
Minimum 2Mbps upload speed required




2'' (L) x 2'' (W) x 6'' (H)

Operating Temperature

14°F ~ 122°F

Weather Resistance

Indoor Use Only




Aluminum Alloy


12 month limited warranty




Free "BOSMA" app available on Google Play and App Store

In the Box

– BOSMA X1 Security Camera x 1
– Power Adapter x 1
– Micro USB Cable, 6ft x 1
– Quick Start Guide x 1

39 reviews for Bosma X1 Security Camera

  1. Eric Spence

    Bought the Bosma X1 last month, and it has been working perfectly so far.
    The setup process on the phone app is pretty simple and straightforward. The firmware update might take a while, but the camera should be ready to use after that. All the controls can be done remotely with the app, for example changing the angle of the camera, and they are very easy to use. The video quality and night vision are good. The motion and sound detection are very sensitive. If you need a camera to watch for your dogs when you are not at home or for other security reasons, this would be a great product to try.
    Overall, a decent product for a reasonable price.

  2. Kim C

    I purchased the Bosma X1 for my spare bedroom two years ago and I simply “LOVE” the camera! The picture quality is better than my Ring Doorbell and ADT cameras. I am highly impressed!
    Last summer, the apartment above me was shot up! My Ring had a glitch and did not capture the perpetrator. I was stressed and terrified, so much that I moved and decided to purchase another camera. I was on Amazon looking at different types of cameras. After perusing all the cameras, I felt another Bosma X1 would be perfect. I have it as surveillance on my patio. The picture and video quality is excellent and I love that it rotates too!
    It is the best surveillance camera that I have owned in comparison to Ring and ADT for picture, sound and range quality. Anyone purchasing this camera will be pleasantly pleased.

  3. Rick

    I have a small condo. This one camera with the door/window sensors is all I need. Great product that lives up to all claims. Easy to set up and I use it every time I leave home. Great piece of mind. I highly recommend it to anyone. Great product-great price.

  4. Robby, Kim and the kids

    No dislikes at this point.
    I placed once in a central location of my first floor.
    The other we take with us on vacation and monitor activity in our room while we’re gone.

  5. G. Pacuk

    Actually purchased this elsewhere but I would really recommend this unit. The set up was simple, unlike other cameras where I had to dedicate ports on my router just to make it work consistently. With the BOSMA app it’s like three clicks and done. (Maybe exaggerating a bit but it was really easy.) The product has been operating for about 2 months and have never had an issue. I have two door sensors and they work quite well. The app provides for three security settings that are easy to manage and change. Video quality is great. When using remotely the feed is immediate and clear. No dongles to plug in, no router set ups…really nice unit. Can’t wait for the outdoor model to be released.

  6. Michael Pangilinan

    Reviewed in the United States on January 10, 2021
    I have this Bosma x1 for a few weeks now and it doesn’t disappoint me at all. The clarity of it’s picture, the colored night vision mode is the best! I really recommend this product for those who want to make their own security at home without breaking the bank. The only thing I don’t want is the integration to Alexa show hope they’ll fix that. I want to see it through the screen of alexa show besides the app in my phone. But all in all 5 stars!

  7. Ronnie

    I love this little camera I ordered it mainly to keep an eye on my property while I went out of town. It has already paid for itself. I set it in my living room window looking out to cover my driveway and it has already picked up a few suspicious people I called my neighbors and told them they caught them and was snooping the neighborhood. The quality is not the best but for the price of this it is well worth the money. Great investment. I ordered 1 for my mom as well. Thanks.

  8. SAW

    I love my Bosma Security Camera. I have been getting videos of ghost orbs in my house late at night. When all the lights are off my camera picks them up fleeting around the house. I am able to snap photos from the videos with my cellphone. I know some people may be skeptical about thi but I have hundreds of photos of them. I have used my security camera to monitor my cat sitter when my husband & I were traveling. The camera takes clear videos & also has a very sensitive microphone which captures even the smallest sounds. I highly recommend this video camera!

  9. George Ulrich

    Th Bosma x1 is a great way to have better security . It looks likea small speaker. I am very impressed . just down load the app and it is very easy to set up. and support answers the phone with great advice.

  10. Anna Wintour

    I like the lack of latency and I like the clear software layout. The only thing that I think can be improved is the placement of the alarm speaker and the decibel level. It is not that loud and the speaker is facing down into the ground and there is no option to change the sound of the siren or it’s volume level or when or when it does not go off.

  11. Frank

    I’m a fan of the X1 product with the door sensors. Reliable and excellent customer support via email or phone.

  12. Nicole

    The app can be troubling to use sometimes, not activating/deactivating etc.

  13. Shawn

    A little hard to get setup, but once its setup it works awesome

  14. Anna

    I like the lack latency and I like the clear software layout. The only thing that I think can be improved is the placement of the alarm speaker and the decibel level. It is not that loud and the speaker is facing down into the ground and there is no option to change the sound of the siren or it’s volume level or when or when it does not go off.

  15. Gus

    Love that we can rotate the camera to get view of different areas of the house. When the siren goes off, it would wake the dead ;-} Only thing is that our sensors do not always trigger the siren. could just be the positioning has gotten a little off with time. The picture is great, day or night.
    The reason for a 4 star …. the siren not always going off

  16. Coco

    This is my first ever indoor security cam. Love the extra security I feel when I leave my home. I did choose the one with door chimes but the way my door is I’m not able to use those which sucks. The camera quality is pretty clear both during the day and not my home doesn’t get much sunlight and it’s still pretty clear! Night vision is awesome love that it is in color. I do experience delays in motion Notification sometimes. I turned my sensitivity up to the highest so even if my blinds are swaying i get a motion notification. Overall love the product and happy i purchased will be purchasing another one for my bedroom soon

  17. Brian

    Great camera for the price. Picture quality is great even at night. FOV is very wide and basically covers our entire entrance area plus the the hallway using the rotation feature.

  18. Patrick Campbell

    Love it they are coming out with more Door/Window Sensors for the BOSMA X1 IP Camera that will allow you hook up to 32 Door/Window Sensors to the BOSMA X1 IP Camera, and they have great costumer service.

  19. Luna

    Good value for the price.

    A good buy overall. I bought it to monitor my place. The camera is pretty good, video quality is fine. I like that the angle wide enough to capture the whole living room. The set-up is easy enough for someone bad in diy. You can do it by yourself by following the instructions-pretty straight forward.
    Overall a good price for a decent security camera, way cheaper than nest.

  20. Pokemology

    Overall pretty satisfied with the camera!
    – App is pretty intuitive, easy to use. Setup is fast.
    – Sound and motion detection works great, got notified right away on my phone
    – EXCELLENT customer service, very patient, friendly and timely

    – Have to manually switch between Home and Away mode
    -Does not come with an SD card, need to buy separately

  21. Jeffery

    Bought the set with door sensors, overall great product. I’m really happy about the build quality of the camera, very sturdy with an aluminum shell all across the body. Overall setup was smooth, one niche thing is that the voice that confirms you are connected is a bit loud but it does the job. Picture quality is good, even when at low light. With the app you can see live views from the camera. Viewing angle is not an issue since you can also turn the camera to point at where you want to look just from the phone.

    Overall, pretty satisfied with the product.

  22. leonh

    Nice design, easy to set up. Reason it got 3 stars on this review is that it can’t save recorded videos on a central network harddrive. Other than that camera work great.

  23. Anonymous

    We own 5 of the X1 cameras at this point because they are so reliable. We have not found another brand of camera that comes close. I have a parent who has alzheimers and I do not live with them. These cameras are so crucial for me to keep an eye on him. It is easy to set up and most importantly really fast to access and view notifications immediately when I need to see what they are doing. I receive few to no false alarms when I review and playback is equally quick. I cant say the same for my Swann and Ring systems that won’t even come up most of the time when I am trying to pull video on my phone. By the time I see video I already missed what happened on those systems.

  24. hhoang3003

    On Friday May 08, 2020, I purchased my Bosma X1 from Fry’s Electronics store in Fremont, CA 94539.
    I installed it in my living room and it works continuously fine so far. I really like this Bosma X1 because it’s easy for installation + picture quality is very clear when I check from my Samsung cell phone. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and I’ve been telling my siblings and friends about this fantastic product from Bosma.”

  25. harvey

    This is a great product. Simple to set up and the picture is better than most of my high end cameras that are permanent mounts. I have several of these and one is going into a facility where a family member resides, so we may be able to check on his care, and to hear what is being said. The shape makes it so unnoticeable!

  26. Jeffrey Cobb

    I just started testing the X1 and the Capsulcam along with the Bosma app. So far it is working well. I need to set the cameras to 360p resolution but everything works except the night color which I don’t really need. When I turn it off the IR lights come on and I can see much better. The Bosma team also really seems to be very interested in fixing problems and listening to your criticisms. I have also used another companies cameras which use the TUYA app and BOSMA so far seems to be a superior camera and app. TUYA is not bad but had many more small annoyances that made me look elsewhere.

  27. Carlos

    compact yet powerful camera streams 1080P Full HD video, ease to set up , love the bright, crisp images in full color.
    The Bosma Smart app will instantly notify me if the Bosma X1 detects any motion or has a two-way audio, a built-in loudspeaker, and volume control, I can easily talk to and hear my family and pets in real time from just about anywhere.
    I definitely recommend

  28. Luis Curtis


    I will like to place an order for your products. My method of payment is bank Visa/Master card. It will be appreciated if you return my email with a price list of your products.

    Thank you.

    Luis Curtis.
    Vy ventures supply

    • mike


      Please reach out to our sales director at He will be able to assist you further.

      Bosma Customer Support

  29. Paul Woodin

    Love my Bosma X1! Works great to secure my apartment while I travel. I’m able to record who comes in and out of apartment while gone. The 2 way audio and video scanning features work great! Definitely recommend.

  30. dmoore13

    With the help of Mike, got my X1 working perfect. This camera is top notch. Very effective and great picture.

  31. Benjamin prine

    I originally got this product while it was not very old. at the time the product did not work very well for my needs. I left a review on Amazon stating all the things that wanted from it. Apparently somebody agreed because in time it could do everything that I needed to. It went from a high quality hardware product to a top-notch product. I would recommend it to anyone tech savvy.

  32. Faiza Bashir

    I bought this security camera for my home to monitor my kids as a baby monitor but this includes other additional features as well to work for multiple purposes such as baby monitoring, home security, indoor and especially downstairs home security.
    I especially purchased this to keep an eye on my kids while I am at work.
    And it really does its job because I can talk with my kids lively without worrying about network connection for making calls. I easily talk with them and look at them clearly as this camera has very good video and pictures quality.
    The setup is very easy by connecting with WiFi and downloading it’s application and ready to record.
    The best thing is that it easily be placed on the table as it has good base of support.
    Lastly I would say perfect for kids monitoring
    Recommend to working mothers

  33. Farooq Riaz

    I was after security camera for my home which must have specific features like two way talk system through which I can speak with someone who is at my door before opening. And finally, I got this excellent quality and full of features in reasonable price than other expensive branded security cameras.
    Because it has all features and qualities such as good night vision, memory card option and two way-audio system.
    Moreover, it has hassle free installation and setup to operate just needs WiFi connection, download it’s app by following the instructions given in the manual which are quite easy to understand as well.
    For outdoor security you just need double sided adhesive tape to fix on door or wall as it does not come with any mounting screws.
    But overall I would say perfect for home security.


    Bosma X1 is great. Downloaded the app. Plugged it in.
    Went to settings put on motion… Saw picture. Went out a little while later I received an alert motion was detected. Saw that Maitenance people were in my apt. Was glad to be able to know when they come and when they leave.

  35. K

    I have Bosma X1 with the sensors. Works perfectly. I use for my apartment, it is amazing and price point is great. Nighttime vision is just as clear as the daytime. Would be nice if they had an outdoor model too!

  36. Jason Clark

    I have tried several systems now and not a single one of them have until BOS.MA. This works great!!! I am VERY happy with this system. If I could give it 10 stars I would.

  37. Donna Anderson

    I really love the CapsaleCam it works great and company thinks it’s so cute. I would definitely recommend it!

  38. Paulma

    App update ruined all. Always logged in effortlessly. One minute later won’t log in.

    • Bosma Support

      Dear Paul,
      We’re very sorry but we’re currently experiencing a partial service outage that affects the Bosma X1 camera. Affected areas include login, security mode, and possibly more. We’re working with the server provider to resolve the issue, and it should be fixed by the end of today. Once again we do sincerely apologize for the inconveniences, and we will take measures to prevent future occurrences of this issue.
      BOSMA Support Team

  39. Fannie

    Product is so great! I like X1 the sleek design !

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