Reasons You Should Invest In a Smart Doorbell

If there was only one smart home security device we could suggest you invest in, then a video doorbell would be it! At Bosma, we take home security seriously, and there is nothing more important to protect than the entry point to your home. Part security camera and part doorbell, Sentry smart doorbells are designed to relay real-time notifications to your connected smart device and offer live video footage and two-way communication abilities with the person at your door. For visitors, delivery persons, or would-be intruders, the Bosma Sentry doorbell is one of the best (and cost-efficient) home security solutions.

Answer The Door From Anywhere!

The biggest benefit of a video doorbell is that you can answer the door from wherever you are! The Bosma app allows you to be notified of someone approaching the door before they ring the bell and see live stream video footage of the person at your doorstep. Take it a step further with Sentry and talk with the person at your door or allow them to leave you a voice or video message. Talk with delivery people and visitors without them knowing you’re out of town. 

Key takeaway: answer your door and protect your home from your couch, your desk at work, or even when you’re away on holiday!


Protect Delivered Packages

Expecting a delivery or worried about porch pirates stealing your deliveries before you get home? Get peace of mind with video doorbells that use motion detection to alert you of the delivery person leaving the package and, with Bosma Assist, you can benefit from advanced AI technology that detects packages and offers active theft protection. As an added benefit, the Sentry doorbell features a built-in siren to scare off brave thieves.

Key takeaway: know when packages arrive and thwart off would-be thieves.

Catch Intruders in the Act

Video doorbells with PIR motion detection and video and sound recording offer the added benefit of monitoring your home’s entry without manual activation of the doorbell by the visitor. This is great for catching ill-intentioned passers-by who approach your front door. Get notified of the approach immediately on your connected smart device and then either speak through the two-way talk, sound the built-in siren, or capture video evidence and report the incident to authorities. From inside your home or while you’re away, stay safe while protecting your home from intruders. Key takeaway: Get notified of the approach immediately on your connected smart device.

Pair With Other Smart Home Devices

Rather than being a stand-alone product, you can optimize your video doorbell by tying it in with other smart home products. For instance, the Sentry video doorbell from Bosma pairs with the Aegis smart deadbolt for fingerprint entry, remote access, and facial recognition. 

Key takeaway: pair with Bosma Aegis smart deadbolt and/or Bosma Assist to optimize features

Why Choose Bosma Sentry Doorbell

At Bosma, we are well-aware that you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to video doorbells on the market. Here are just a few reasons we think the Sentry Doorbell is the best option. 

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Easy to Install

Because the Sentry doorbell isn’t hardwired into the home, you can install it fairly quickly and take it with you when you move. Leave the original doorbell in place or completely replace the existing device. 
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Cloud Storage

Bosma Assist features allow you to store audio and video footage from the Sentry doorbell camera for up to 30 days. Get accurate, time-stamped event notification accompanied by associated image or video capture. Filter by relevance, and delete the notifications you don’t need. Easily download video footage to store as a permanent file.

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Low Cost

Bosma Sentry doorbells cost $139.99, which in comparison to other video doorbells on the market, is a steal! The best part is, Bosma Sentry is a one-time product cost and does not have an associated monthly monitoring fee or additional product requirements. Use with Bosma Assist for enhanced features at as low as $1.99 a month or take advantage of internal storage.

The Most Advanced Features

Sentry doorbell offers some of the most advanced features of all the smart doorbells on the market. Some of the basic features include:

WiFi enabled
Full HD 1080p
180° super-wide angle lens
Advanced PIR motion detection

Sound detection
Real 2-way audio
Voice message
Color night vision
Smart hub connection

Cloud storage
Local storage up to 128G
Facial recognition
Package detection
Active theft protection

Add additional features including PIR/LED light module, hub module, and fingerprint module to pair with Bosma Aegis deadbolt.

Whether you are looking for a solution for silencing the chime of your current doorbell or you want to communicate with front door visitors while you’re away, there are many good reasons to invest in a smart doorbell for your home. Discover the many practical benefits of Sentry smart doorbell for yourself when you invest in one today.