BOSMA CapsuleCam S FAQs

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  1. Download Bosma Sight APP and create a new account.
  2. Tap the “+” button on the top right corner to add the device.
  3. Select “Intelligent camera”
  4. Choose “Device adding by scanning the code” or “Wireless intelligent addition”
  5. Keep pressing the “Reset” button on the device until you hear “reset success”. Tap “Having pressed “SET” key” on the APP
  6. Set Wi-Fi network. Manually type in the Wi-Fi network name in your home. Make sure the Wi-Fi password is correct. You can see the password you entered by tapping the eyeball icon at the right or the password input text bar.
  7. If the device is ready for connection (indicator is slow blinking green), but Wi-Fi connection still fails, please make sure the device is not too far from the router and receives strong Wi-Fi signal, and make sure that the router has internet access.
  8. Put your mobile phone in front of the device to let the camera scan the QR code on the APP. Keep the phone 10-20cm distance from the camera. Tap “confirm”.
  9. After you hear the “beep” sound, the device will connect to the Wi-Fi. The light status will turn into steady green if the device is successfully connected to the Wi-Fi. If you did not hear any voice, redo step 5. If the device still can’t connect, please restart the app, restart the device by unplugging and replugging the power cord, and try again. If the issue persists, contact our customer support for help.

Check if your email address was entered correctly and check if the email is in your spam folder. If not, try resending the email. If you still don’t receive the email, please send the registered email address to our customer support.

In order to protect your privacy and camera video data, we do not allow connection to unsecured Wi-Fi. Please add a password to your Wi-Fi before adding the device.

  1. Try restarting the device by unplugging and replugging the power cord.
  2. Try formatting the SD card and insert again.
  3. The device requires an SD card of speed class 10 at least (10MB/sec write speed). Please make sure the SD card’s write speed is above this. Class 10 speed is the minimum required speed to record an HD video stream.
  4. Try another SD card if available.
  5. If the issue persists, please contact our customer support.

Reset the camera (by long-pressing the RESET button at the bottom of the camera) and use another account to add it.

Video Recording


Choose video play by cloud in the Settings on the top right -> Settings -> Play Videos From -> Cloud. You can enjoy the cloud recording service for free in the first month. After the 1-month free trial, you can select a monthly service for $6.99 or a yearly service $69.

Choose video play by cloud in the Settings on the top right -> Settings -> Play Videos From -> SD card.

The videos in SD card is h264 encoded. Any player that supports h264 decoding, e.g. VLC, can play those videos.

The app does not support deleting a single video recording, but you can:

  1. Format the SD card from the app to delete ALL videos
  2. Read the SD card on your computer (may need an SD card reader) and delete selected videos
  1. When SD card is full, the oldest video recordings will be deleted to make space
  2. Check if the TF/SD card is damaged.


  • Blinking green: Device is waiting for the connection to Wi-Fi.
  • Steady green: Device is connected to Wi-Fi.

The device is working properly. The camera uses a 145° wide-angle lens to capture a broader view, which inevitably introduces distortion towards the edges of the image. However, having a boarder view means fewer blind spots, thus improving your home security.



  1. For security and privacy reasons, one account may be used on one device at any time. When an account logs in to a new device, the existing device will be logged off.
  2. However, you can allow multiple users to share the same camera with the device sharing at Live View -> ⚙ Settings -> Share

Log out via main menu on the top left -> left side menu -> -> Log out

If the device is connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, then you can change Wi-Fi in the Settings on the top right -> ⚙ Settings -> Wi-Fi Network

You can but it’s not recommended. The app will work properly but the user experience may not be optimal due to compatibility issues.


You can select event notifications, notification frequency or schedule in the Settings on the top right -> ⚙ Settings -> Notifications.


They will be able to see your existing video recordings if the SD card is not removed. It is advised that you format or remove the SD card before giving the device to someone else.

  1. Please make sure you select video recording through SD card or cloud service. If you choose SD card, make sure you have inserted an SD card into the camera (SD card slot is at the left side of the camera).
  2. Drag the recording timeline on live view to any moment to start video playback.
  3. Tap on the date text below the recording timeline to filter recordings by date and time.
  1. Sound: If enabled, the device will send an alert notification when a sudden loud sound is detected. We recommend enabling sound detection at home where the surrounding is usually quiet. We recommend disabling sound detection in a noisy environment (e.g. near the street) to avoid getting spammed by alerts.
  2. Motion: If enabled, the device will send an alert notification when the camera detects a big change within its view. Since motion detection is based on changes in the view, false alarms may be triggered when the change is caused by something other than motion (e.g. lightning).


You can turn off the device in Settings on the top right -> ⚙ Settings -> Device off at -> Add a schedule.

Make sure that

  1. your phone allows Bosma Sight to push notifications
  2. alerts are enabled in Settings -> ⚙ Settings -> Notification settings
  3. Phone notifications is “on”

No. Video recordings are stored in the SD card or the cloud. Any Capsule S can read those recordings.

No, but you can drag the timeline to start playing at different times.

You can add as many devices as you want, but your router and internet service may not be able to support too many devices. Generally, it is recommended that you add fewer than 8 devices.

An account can be logged in on one mobile device, but you can share the camera with others. For the best streaming performance, it is recommended that no more than 3 mobile devices are watching at the same time.

When an event is triggered, the app will receive a notification with the event type, event time, and a snapshot from the camera


You can reconfigure Wi-Fi for your device under Settings -> Settings -> Wi-Fi network

Please check the connection with the following steps:

  1. Check if the Wi-Fi is working properly. If so, try restarting the device by unplugging and replugging the power cord.
  2. If the device is still disconnected after restarting, try reconfiguring Wi-Fi under Settings on the top right -> ⚙ Settings -> Wi-Fi network
  3. If the issue persists, please reset the device by long-pressing the RESET button at the bottom of the device, remove the device from your app and add it again.
  1. Please check both the Wi-Fi your phone is connected to and the Wi-Fi the device is connected to. If either one of them is slow or unstable, the live stream will lag.
  2. You can measure Wi-Fi signal strength with a phone app like Wi-Fi Analyzer. Make sure the camera’s Wi-Fi signal strength is at least -70dBm. If not, please move the router and the camera closer together for better signal strength. Generally, placing the camera close to the router improves Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Measure your phone’s connection as well. Weak Wi-Fi or cellular signal affects video stream quality too.
  4. If the Wi-Fi signal is strong but the video stream is still lagging, it might be that the router’s connection speed is slow. Replacing the router with one that has faster connection speed may solve the issue.

The camera will keep recording videos. Once internet connection is restored, you can view recordings on your app