Beta Tester Program

About the Program

Thank you for your interest in our Beta Tester Program! As we strive to provide the best user experience for all of our customers, we always do our best to conduct thorough testing before a new product or feature is released, but we also understand that there may still be bugs or usability issues that we did not discover.

And that’s where you come in! As a beta tester, you can opt in to receive new app updates, firmware updates, and new products[1] before they’re officially released. These updates may include new features, bug fixes, and interface improvements. You can provide feedback on issues you discovered, suggestions on new features and changes, or anything that you think we did well or still need to improve on. Your feedback is important to our development process, and we may offer rewards and incentives for your participation.

We truly appreciate your willingness to help test and provide feedback on our products and services, so that we can present the final product in its best shape.

[1] Subject to candidate selection and product availability


Q: How do I join the Beta Tester Program?

A: You can join our Beta Tester Program here.

Q: What are the benefits of being a beta tester?

A: As a beta tester, you get to try out new features, new products, and receive bug fixes before they’re released. We may also provide other rewards for your contribution, e.g. gift cards, free products, etc.

Q: Can I leave the program or change the software/firmware/product selections?

A: Yes. We will provide instructions on how to leave the program or change your category selections. Note that you can opt in to be a tester for all 3 categories, or you can choose to only test some of them.

Q: Are there any qualifications for testers?

A: None! Our products are designed for everybody, so everybody can be a tester. However, for new product testing, we may reserve a portion of available samples to testers who have more experience with electronic products or have a technical background.

Q: What are the requirements for testers?

A: For new product testers, because the products are not yet publicly available, we require all selected candidates to sign an NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement), and keep all related information confidential. Depending on the requirements of each project, you may also be asked to use the product regularly for a period of time, complete some tasks or surveys, and work with us to troubleshoot if necessary. Some projects may also require that you reside in certain countries or regions (e.g. the United States). Specific requirements for each project will be available on their respective project description pages.

For software and firmware testers, there are very few requirements which will be explained in the registration process.

Q: How do I report an issue or provide feedback?

A: The purpose of the Beta Tester Program is to collect feedback from you! Any type of feedback is appreciated – reporting a bug, providing a suggestion, or maybe giving us a compliment! Please submit your feedback on the portal after you register.

Software Testing

As a software tester, you will have early access to the latest Bosma beta app. The beta app update may include new features, new designs, and bug fixes.

Note that some features in the beta app may also require installing the beta firmware to function properly.

Beta app updates are distributed via TestFlight (for iOS) and Google Play (for Android). See instructions on this page for how to enroll.

Firmware Testing

Firmware Testing is currently under construction

As a firmware tester, you will have early access to the latest Bosma product firmware updates. These beta updates may include new features and bug fixes.

You can select which of your Bosma devices you wish to opt in for firmware testing.

Note that some features in the beta firmware may also require installing the beta app to function properly.

Product Testing

As a product tester, you will be able to try out our upcoming products before they’re officially released! You will be able to keep the product after testing is completed, and we may also offer other incentives as a reward for your contribution.

Some product testing projects may have additional requirements, e.g. you may be asked to complete a survey, try out certain features of the product, or troubleshoot with our team if an issue arises. These requirements will be listed on each project’s application form.

While we will try to offer the new product testing opportunity to everyone who’s interested, it is not guaranteed that you will be selected for a project. To improve your odds of being selected, please fill out the registration form in detail and contribute to software/firmware testing if you’re a current Bosma user.

You can find a list of currently active projects on the community home page after you sign up.