Total Home Security For Renters

Bosma is committed to bringing safety and security to everyone from homeowners to renters, college students, and roommates. Whatever you use your security cameras for, rest assured that with Bosma, you’ve got total control on your connected smart device. Bosma is proud to offer a variety of solutions to meet your needs to keep you safe without violating rental agreements. Read on to discover which options may work best for you.

At Bosma, our mission is to bring high-quality home security products to everyone. Renters pose a special challenge when it comes to delivering home security solutions through traditional means due to contracts, equipment installation, lease agreement limitations, and other factors. When you live in an apartment or a college dorm, it comes along with the convenience of maintenance and the reduced cost of not owning. However, it comes with the knowledge that it is not your place, and someone else has the master key to your front door. It should be noted that the need for security is heightened in a rental situation because someone else — the homeowner, lease manager, apartment maintenance team, dorm personnel, etc. — has access to your home.

Most of the time, there is no issue with this arrangement, but the threat always exists that someone may abuse the responsibility. You can use the Sentry video doorbell or Bosma smart button as a doorbell and internal security cameras to keep an eye on who comes and goes. By installing the Aegis smart deadbolt (where allowed) and window and door sensors, you’ll be notified of movement and entry into your living space. Because Bosma security products don’t require hardwiring into the home’s electrical system or walls, and they can be taken with you when you move, you can easily use it in any apartment, dorm, or rented room.

Rental Challenges and How Bosma Helps Overcome Them


Whether you rent a house, condo, apartment, or you live in college dorms, you undoubtedly signed a rental agreement that included specific dos and don’ts regarding modifications you can make to the home. Unlike most hard-wired systems, Bosma offers you total control over your security system and a variety of options. Let’s discuss a few barriers to upgrading your security system when you’re renting and how Bosma can help you overcome them.

Owner Access Required


Some owners will require that access is permitted for maintenance, inspections, or because you live in a public living space like a dorm room. If this is the case for you, you may still find home security cameras such as the Bosma X1, paired with door and window sensors. This allows you to still be notified in the event that someone enters your rental and captures video footage of the event. When you are notified of entry, you can watch on live stream to ensure the person is doing only what they are permitted to do and your belongings are safe. This is especially useful in situations where you do not have a chain lock on the door to prevent entry while you are inside. The window and door sensors can be used on both internal and external doors, so you can place them only on your bedroom door if you have roommates, or on your front and back door, or all of the above.

No Equipment Installation Allowed


Are you not allowed to install any equipment at all? That’s okay. By using any one of our security cameras — X1, XC, or CapsuleCam (see our other post to discover the differences) — you can simply set them on a dresser or counter and still be notified of movement in your space. The best part is, because Bosma products work on WiFi connection and don’t require being hard-wired into the home, if the homeowners or apartment complex already has a security system, you can use Bosma products in addition to it! Many homeowners choose to leave integrated smart home technology in place and continue to be the point of contact for notifications. By using Bosma smart products, you have the access and control over your home’s safety and security.

When you use Bosma home security products, there is no need to notify your lessor. Read our previous post to learn more about using Bosma products for total home protection, or browse our individual products to discover which will work best for your space and rental agreement.

Benefits of Using Bosma Security Products In Your Rental

Easy Installation & Uninstallation

Uses WiFi Connection

Take Devices With You

Notification and Control Through Your Connected Device

Sentry Smart Doorbell

Aegis Smart Deadbolt