Why Bosma is the Perfect Travel Companion

Stacking up the frequent flier miles, traveling for work frequently, or simply enjoying the weekend getaway every now and again? Bosma is your perfect travel companion! Aside from keeping your home protected while allowing you to view footage and be notified from anywhere, your Bosma smart home security devices can be taken with you to keep you protected on the go — what other home security company offers that? In today’s post, we’ll take a look at how Bosma is the perfect travel companion.

Home Security You Can Access Anywhere

Your Bosma home security system allows you to monitor your home anytime, from anywhere! Whether you’ve reached cruising altitude and login to the airplane wifi or you are half a world away relaxing on the beach, you’ll get alerts and notifications of package deliveries, attempted break-ins, and movement on your property back home. You can truly relax when you know your home is safe and you can check in whenever you like.

Remote Access

Forgot to turn the iron off and you’re already through security at the airport? Or, have you hired someone to feed your fish and water your plants while you’re away? No need to leave them the key to your home when you’ve got Bosma home security products installed. See who’s at your front door with Sentry Video Doorbell and let guests in with Aegis Smart Lock, all from the garden tub in your mountain cabin. .

Travel Safety

The protection doesn’t stop at home. Bring your security camera with you to keep an eye on your hotel room or VRBO while you’re out or while you’re there and sleeping. Because Bosma smart security products don’t require hardwire installation and operate on wifi, you can use them just about anywhere! Rest easy knowing that you have an eye on your resting spot whether you’re there or not, all in the same place you’re watching your house back home!


Emergency or Disaster Monitoring

If you’re spending a week on the high seas under sunshine and blue skies but get word that Mother Nature is wreaking havoc on your hometown, don’t hold your breath and hope everything is alright, check in on your home so you can exhale and relax knowing everything is okay. 


House Sitting

If you hired a house sitter or dog walker for your time away, you can check in periodically to ensure everything is going smoothly. Communicate with the two-walk talk feature or allow guest remote access without giving them the key to your home. Ensure their safety and your security with Bosma smart products.


Pet Monitor

Did you leave your Komodo dragon home for your overnight trip away? Don’t worry about how he’s doing, when you can check in with Bosma home security cameras. You can even tell him goodnight and you’ll see him tomorrow with the two-way real-talk communication feature. 

Travel Smarter With Bosma

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Simple Set-Up, No Installation Required

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Uses WiFi Connection


Take Devices With You


View Wherever You Are

Whether you’re spending the night away from home or going on holiday for the entire summer, when you partner with Bosma, you have total peace of mind. To discover the amazing features of each of our smart security products — browse our entire product line today!

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