FAQ Category: Event History

How long are Event History entries available for?

Event History entries and their snapshots are available for up to 15 days. However, if you have a local storage, the corresponding video recordings are not deleted (unless storage is full, in which case the oldest recordings are automatically deleted).

How do I delete events in Event History?

In Event History, tap the edit button at the top right corner and select the events you want to delete (or tap “select all” at the bottom left corner to select all currently visible events). Once selection is done, tap “Delete” at the bottom right corner” to delete them.

Where do I find and view past events and notifications?

Events are under Home Screen -> Event History. Note that if you have an active Family, the list will only show devices under that Family by default. To view all events from devices under your account, tap the Family name at the bottom of the page and select “My Events”